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Blog: Holiday Snaps

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Cor, I tell you what, it has just been a BUSY WEEKEND. I've written reports, I've researched HISTORY, I've re-drafted MEMOIRS and I've put my HOLIDAY SNAPS online. If you're particularly interested you can now see these over in The Gallery, it's a lengthy series of pics of me and The Magenetism Of My Poles LARKING AROUND at various points of the globe, and it makes me feel WARM all over just thinking about the FUN what we had. I've also done the pictures in a slightly different way this time from how The Gallery usually looks, and I think I'll do them all this way in future - see how you like it!

I also FINALLY finished writing the first chapter of THE MEMOIRS, and sent it off to THE EDITOR to see what he thinks of it. I'd finished writing it a month or so ago, but since then it's been RE-DRAFTED many many times, generally taking OUT the irrelevant and/or boring stuff and trying to make it more CLEAR and, where possible, funny. There is now a new joke at the end involving TIM which I am quite pleased about, and I'm thinking about using the words to "Breaks In The Journey" as some sort of introduction to the whole thing. That might, however, be a bit wanky. We'll have to see.

I've also continued writing up my TIMELINE of events, and have just reached the start of 2002. I think it would be a GRATE idea if everybody could do one of these, it would certainly help stop a lot of arguments. The aforementioned Tim has FINALLY conceded that i was RIGHT about the fact that Voon DIDN'T support Prolapse and Huggy Bear at The Charlotte (in fact we stood at the back sulking about it), but has shocked me to my very core by proving that we played with them TWICE, not the ONCE which I thought.

Really, I'm not surprised that historians get into FITES. I'm having enough trouble working out what i did twelve years ago, and i was THERE!

posted 16/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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dear Mark,
i have conducted an extensive search of my own archives, and thus can FACT you this :
The Council supported Prolapse on the 6th of December 1994 at the Charlotte.
The Council wowed the kidz at the Charlotte on the 20th of Feb 1995 AND AGANE at the Magazine on the 23rd of Feb.
Phew! I would hazard a safe guess that all these shows were The Council BT (Before Tim).

yer pal,
Joni (who keeps pieces of paper in boxes for far longer than is necessary in the unlikely event that people need to know these things)
posted 17/1/2006 by Anonymous

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