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Blog: Still Busy

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Phew, sorry about the lack of updates lately, all has been BUSY! Mind you, i think the FUTURE ME will be thankful for the breather, for LO! one of the many things i am busy doing is going through the old webpage STUFF to find out What Happened When in preparation for THE MEMOIR. It was Speedy Moving going through the 90's as i was IN the PUB and OFF the interweb, so didn't leave much documentation. Even up to 2002 it was fine, then around 2003 i gots me onto BLOGGER, so there's TONS of daily FACT to wade through. I've just got to October 2004, so nearly done, and the NICE thing is remembering that, actually, I've done quite a LOT of groovy stuff. Thing is, because I've already DONE The Curse Of Voon and because me and the other band members TALK of it occasionally that part of my life is pretty MYTHOLOGISED, and I always drag around a niggling thought that maybe KRAZY ANTICS haven't happened much since then.

This is not the case, and it's been LOVELY going through later bits, especially the last few years, and realising that i actually had MUCH MORE FUN in recent times. A lot of it happened when i was out on my OWN tho, so there haven't been other people around to SHARE it with, and also i guess i was a bit too busy doing OTHER things to think about them too much. So, as I say, i am THOROUGHLY enjoying going through it again, ESPECIALLY out Scottish Tour, MAN! We ROCKED!

posted 18/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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