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Blog: A Day Of Celebrity

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Crikey blimey, it was a LONG day of ACTION PACKED ADVENTURE and CELEBRITRY yesterday, also DENTISTRY. I started off by having my South American Dentist (hmm... i really should get round to watching The Boys From Brazil) RAMMING SHARP METAL STICKS into my delicate gums. It hurt A LOT, but afterwards I felt quite euphoric - she didn't give me any DRUGS or anything, just the sheer relief from her NOT prodding metal rods into my living flesh made me feel quite CHIPPER.

On the way into work i popped into my local comics shop and saw the day's FIRST celebrity: Mr Paul Gambaccini. Cool! More was to come later on in the day, however, when I went to meet my cousin IAN from The Americas, who is over here for the week. We were waiting in his hotel lobby for his colleagues so we could go out when who should i see at the desk but STUART MURDOCH from out of Belle & Sebastian! Cor! I was just mentioning this to Ian when i remembered: "Hang on!" i thought, "This is Ian, one of the most ENTHUSIASTIC and GO-GETTING people i have ever met - if i tell him who that is then THINGS will occur" so i STOPPED. I promised to tell him what had gone on outside in a bit. Outside in a bit i told him, and explained who they were and how I'd seen them LOADS of times including my BEST! EVER! GIG! at QMU in Glasgow so, of course, he DRAGGED me back in and said "Hey there! Belle & Sebastian! How ya doing!"

Mr Murdoch was very nice indeed, and there are now two photographs of him, one with Ian EMBRACING him and grinning, one of me looking a bit embarrassed and edging away... anyway, that DONE we FLED (well, i did) and went for a HIKE around London during which Ian tried to JUMP a QUEUE by leaning over and giving MONEY to the guy behind the till. Everyone else in the queue BRIDLED and I had to explain to him that this was tantamount to FLAG BURNING where he comes from, but, you know, WORSE. He was PERPLEXED, and i felt ODDLY PATRIOTIC about the whole thing. Queues, they WORK! and they are FAIR! and they are BRITISH, DAMMIT!

After a couple of hours LOOKING at things (and me getting more and more patriotic: BIG BEN! The MOTHER of PARLIAMENTS! Be IMPRESSED!) we decided to go and see a PLAY, and we saw Night Of The Iguana, starring Woody Harrelson Off The Telly and Jenny Seagrove. It was Quite Good, but it took me AGES to get over the fact that we were watching some people, over there, SHOUTING. It's like when you watch Eastenders for the first time in about a year (i.e. the Christmas Episode usually) and think "But this is cobblers - it's some bad actors, shouting at each other. It takes a WHILE to get back into the FORMAT i guess.

By the time it was finished it was LATE, so i sped home. It was a LONG day, of much EVENT!

posted 20/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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