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Blog: It's Getting Very Near The End

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You find me, dear reader, in a weakened state, due to CHEAP BRANDY. It wasn't my fault - Mr Whitaker MADE me drink it. For LO! Last night was the 55th AAS Board Meeting, in which many things were sorted. CRUCIALLY, for anyone interested in EVENTS described on this page, Mr Whitaker agreed that yes, a July release for the album was eminently possible. CORKS!

So, this weekend I'm endevouring to get WAV files made of the whole album, to send to Mr Fleay - we listened to my attempts at mastering, and i was HORRIFIED to discover that it came out Quite Quiet, and rather than give myself The Fear forever, I decided there and then to entrust it to someone who knows what they're doing... also, therefore, I need to send him the completed Futuristic Multimedia Aspect, so I'll need to get THAT finished off too!

It's all VERY exciting, it feels as if I'm coming BACK to the world of ROCK. In a few short weeks i might even HAVE a copy of it, DONE! And when that happens, the whole crazy rollercoaster of ROCK can REALLY get going! BRILLIANT!

posted 25/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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