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The book's finished! Well, the STRUCTURE of the book's finished anyway, there's still the small matter of writing it to get over with, but surely this was the most difficult part? I spent most of Sunday TOILING over it, trying to fit my LIFE into a narrative structure, and by the end i was thinking of EVERYTHING in that way. "Ah! And, as we finished tea, we knew that we had come to the end of an important meal. Who knew what lay ahead. CHAPTER 48: One Last Cup Of Tea."

Yesterday I also got back the SAMPLE CHAPTER i did, from Stuart The Editor. He'd moved a lot of things around so it was a) SCARY but b) dead good, and reading it on the tube home i actually thought it was Quite Good, and LARFED a bit. Mind you, I always laugh at my own stories, so that may not be the SUREST GUIDE, but it did feel nice to HAVE it in my hands, DONE. It felt like a milestone, the end of a chapter...

Sorry. Now the big thing is tomorrow, when it goes to Stuart The Editor's BOSSES, to see if they think it's worth carrying on with. Obviously i REALLY HOPE they DO, but i guess we shall have to wait and see. Or, to put it another way:


posted 24/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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