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Blog: Acceptance/Rejection

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I got an email yesterday from the SXSW Festival, who i applied to AGANE this year, letting me know that we'd been REJECTED again. BOO HOO! Last year I applied with the full Vladimators line-up then WORRIED so much about how we'd get there that i was actually quite relieved not to go... until it was broadcast on the radio all the time while i was happening and i became INSANELY JEALOUS. THIS time, however, I applied just on my lonesome, in my new capacity as WORLD TRAVELLER, so was just plain old disappointed to not get IN. I was then a bit PEEVED to get several emails from SXSW within HOURS saying "Hey, why not just come as an attendee? Here's a cheap rate!" It felt rather like they were RUBBING IT IN.

Also no word as yet on The Book, which i think Doesn't Look Good... BUT to make up for all this there's been a SLEW of new gigs added in the GIGS page, so like George Galloway (although, hopefully in NO OTHER WAY) i am Back on The Road tomorrow and onwards into April. I realised this morning that it's my First Gig Of The Year and that I haven't hardly played my guitar AT ALL for the past couple of weeks. ULP! PRACTICE tonight, i think!

posted 26/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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