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Blog: GRAPH 2: Gigs Played

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Our next graph shows how many gigs I've played in each full year since 1998, split up into those played on my own, with The Validators, or as a duo/trio, such as when Tom and I go out and ROCK towns and cities together.

The obvious thing to note about this one is that i've done a LOT more gigs in recent years - I only played FOUR gigs in 1998, for example, and only ONE of those was on my own! How did i keep myself from going LOOPY through lack of ROCK?!? It is a crazy circus show and no mistake. Interestingly (no, it IS interesting, be quiet), the level of Validator and Duo/Trio gigs has remained fairly constant, with the major increase in GIGGAGE being for solo gigs. Last year was our biggest ever year for Vlads gigs though, and hopefully this year it'll rise further still when we go on tour.

Look at all them gigs tho - I am RATHER chuffed by the AMOUNT!

posted 1/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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