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Blog: The Love You Make

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Phew! You discover me coming down from a weekend of DYNAMIC ACTION, during which:
  1. L Christian Lundholm Review Albums were finally SENT
  2. The Gaps between songs on the album were DONE
  3. All text (except the song annotations) on the Futuristic Multimedia Aspect of the album was PROOFREAD
  4. AAS Minutes were WRITTEN
  5. Photograph Bit of the Futuristic Multimedia Aspect was WRITTEN
YEAH! The GAPS bit was the best bit - as with "Say It With Words", I spent AGES getting the gaps EXACTLY right, as i think it's IMPORTANT. Now, for instance, the first drum beat "The Symbol of Our Nation" comes in at EXACTLY the right moment after "Things'll Be Different". It took nearly an HOUR to make just that bit work, but by golly it DOES work now - none of this "2 Second Pause" automation for us, this is QUALITY. The finished WAV files are now off to Derby where Mr Fleay's going to do the COMPRESSION and stuff for me, and then that will very much be THAT. DONE!

So now I've just got the cover to do and some little bits of tidying up to do - even as we speak I'm collecting this year's news pages. And, for that reason, I think this is as good a place as any to bring to an end the collection of these on the CD. Viewers ONLINE can join us after this message and for a long time to come, but this is the last bit of diary Future Generations will be getting on the CD.

These people will, if they are ASTRONOMICALLY DEVOID of ANYTHING better to do, have been able to read me going on and on for the past several YEARS about how the album's nearly finished, and they'll be reading about it on the actual album itself. During that time loads of things have happened to me, especially the life changing actuality of meeting Charlotte and all the ACE RAMIFICATIONS of that event. I know this isn't really much of a MOMENT - it's nearly home time at work on a Monday afternoon, and there's still a ton of stuff to do, but still, it's a relief to finally have GOT to this point.

See you in the FUTURE, The Kids!

posted 28/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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