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Blog: Away Supporters Only

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I headed North last night to Glorious Derby, there to go and see Half Man Half Biscuit in the company of Mr Frankie Machine. It was GRATE. We had an AAS Board Reunion, as Mr Whitaker was there too, and generally swanned around feeling very young, slender and hirsute in comparison to the heaving mass of Biscuit fans.

It's always a bit of a funny atmosphere at biscuit gigs - you get a few of THE KIDS there, and a smattering of us Indie Types, but the majority of the audience are Older Blokes who look like this is their only gig of the year, and spend most of their time, money and energy following lower league football teams around the country. It does feel VERY MUCH like being in the Away End at some League Two ground - most people have travelled a good distance to be there, they go to almost every game/gig they can, and they all look a bit hard. None of them would ever START a fight at a gig, but if anybody else came in and did so you get the impression they'd LEAP on the chance to Sort It Out.

It's also a bit weird because everyone looks DEAD STERN most of the time, but then when they go off to the bar you can see that this huge sweaty bald guy is actually singing along with every word. The only thing that's REALLY a bit annoying is that Bloke Who Shouts "What Did God Give Us Nigel" Throughout The ENTIRE GIG has obviously re-invested in a Season Ticket. For GOODNESS SAKE, they're NOT going to play it!

What they DID play, however, was BLOODY GRATE. I'd gone off "Achtung Bono" after a few listens, but the tracks they played off it last night were BLOODY ACE. They also did TWO of my favourite songs of there's which they never/hardly ever play, at least not when I see them - "Doreen" and "Mathematically Safe". This last one was a bit of a shocker, as I'd confidently informed The Transformer Of My Scaletrix only yesterday morning that they NEVER play that song. Still no "A Country Practice" tho!

posted 3/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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