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Blog: GRAPH 5: Percentage Of Gigs In Each City, By Year

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I know I said I was going to do tables this week, but i had a GRATE idea for another graph over the weekend, so here it is. Today's graph shows the percentages of gigs each year that happened in specific cities:

click here to make it bigger!

If you click the graph you can see it a bit bigger... So, what can we see from the graph this time? Well, clearly I've done gigs in a much wider variety of places as time has gone by. This is because, of course, I have wanted to spread the love, and NOT because I've had to search further afield for places that would have me. That would be an erroneous, also naughty, conclusion to draw. We can also see that levels of gigs in London have remained surprisingly constant, not increasing in percentage in any great amount after I started living here, although gigs in Leicester itself have gone down a bit. The main thing though is that the lines get STRIPIER as time goes on - this is a technical term what I used in my day job, honest. STRIPIER. It means I'm playing in more different places.

Hmm... i think i shall try and use that phrase in daily parlance. "How's the tour itinerary looking?" "Ooh, it's getting STRIPIER!" "Easy journey to work this morning?" "No, the Central Line was down, so things got a bit STRIPEY." "Did you enjoy helping your Mum with her Christmas Shopping?" "No, there is not a shop in Queensgate Shopping Centre we DIDN'T visit, i am totally STRIPED."

Come on kids! Let's get STRIPING!

posted 6/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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