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And so we continue... the ADVANCE progresses towards completion, as the final aspects fall into place. There's some photographs needing resizing, Mr Reverb's information to collect, and some proofreading to be done, there might be a little TINKERING with some programming, but after that the Futuristic Multimedia is DONE. Mr Fleay now has the WAVs in his posession, so will begin MASTERING, and all i need to do now is get hold of a copy of CorelDraw so that I can get the cover done.

Obviously, after that, we move on to Trying To Get Some Bugger To Listen to it, and the rather greater JOY of going out and PLAYING it at people, but for now there is very much an End Of Term feel about things, so much so that, tomorrow night, I'm off to do my first bit of NEW RECORDING for a very long time. Tom and I will be meeting up at Kev's tomorrow night to record "Walkman In My Head" for this compilation, and if there's time I've got a couple of other things to sort out too, NONE of which will include the phrase "this is not a library"!!! Can you IMAGINE?


posted 29/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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