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Blog: Hello Essex

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Afternoon all, and especially hello to anyone who's turned up after hearing me on Phoenix FM this afternoon - today they played the session tracks I recorded out at Creative Studios a few weeks ago, and they seem to have come out Quite Well, i think.

There's a couple more gigs on the GIGS page today, including a re-re-scheduling of the Songbird gig I was meant to play in April, which'll now be in June. The OTHER new gig is one of my FAVOURITE types: Gigs I Was Going To Go To Anyway But Now Don't Have To Pay To Get Into. Previous VICTORIES of this kind have seen me supporting Brave Captain, Half Man Half Biscuit and John Otway when, if not on the bill, I would have paid for a ticket anyway, and THIS time it's Chris T-T at the LSE on February 28th - I even tried to BUY tickets for this a week or so ago, so it's a good job i didn't manage it! Even MORE better, the bill also features Winston Echo, so that's really TWO gigs I would have paid for, now beautifully turned into FREE-NESS.

In other news: That Johnny Cash film's dead good isn't it? I really enjoyed it, tho mostly I guess because of the music. My favourite bit, as in all ROCK BIOPICS, was when Future TITANS OF ROCK Get Together - the Sun Records TOUR with Johnny Cash, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis etc, WHAT a night that must have been. Almost, indeed, as the one available at the end of the month at the LSE. But... er... with ROCK TITANS.

Hopefully more tables tomorrow STAT FANS!

posted 13/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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