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Blog: Like The Lifting Of A Rucksack

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You find me (mostly) full of the joys of spring today, as i am feeling Rather Better than I have done lately. Like SO MANY people just lately i have had a COLD, and spent the past couple of days SNEEZING and MOPING in equal measure. My ill-health was aided and abetted by the fact that I started back on WEIGHTS and stuff in the gym on Monday, and as usual comprehensively KNACKERED my arms in, so felt very sorry for myself indeed. Today, however, i feel MUCH better, which is always a GRATE feeling after The Mopes, and something of a relief as I am off ROCKING this weekend. Tonight I'm in Sheffiled at Matilda, and then tomorrow night I'm playing The Marlborough Theatre in Brighton. Do come, if you can!

Indeed, the only dark cloud in the blue spring sky of my day is that I'm going to be away from home until Sunday lunchtime now. Yesterday I stayed at home and spent the whole day pottering around in close proximity to The Snowdrops In My Pasture, so it is an even more keenly felt WRENCH to be going away from her for the next 48 hours. But hey! THE GODS OF ROCK demand their sacrifices, so it is RAILWAY STATION HO! for me in a few short hours. Let's hope that there Nano iPod thingy's still working!

posted 17/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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