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Blog: If You Can't Remember It In The Morning...

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I've got a NEW SONG on the boil at the moment, and last night was a JOYOUS time of running around the house looking for pens and paper to write things down. The Pot In My TeaSet was getting a bit fed up after a while, as JUST as we were settling down for KIP i would LEAP up and go and right down another line or two. I always do this, writing down one line of words, I find, FREES UP space for another one to appear. "I've read", she said, "that people like Paul McCartney say you should never do that - if a song's good enough you'll remember it in the morning."

In this case, Paul McCartney can sod off. I mean, how does he know? Eh? Maybe all those so he DISCARDED in such a cavalier way were actually EVEN BETTER than the ones he thought of in the morning, he'd never know because he had FORGOTTEN them.

Also i have noticed that of ALL the people who say this NONE of them write as much wordage as what I do. This is not a QUALITATIVE JUDGEMENT or anything, obviously, but I learnt all the words to "Goodnight Tonight" in about 5 minutes the other day, as there are only about 22 seperate individual words in the whole song, whereas Born With The Century took BLOODY WEEKS.

However, as this song now is all about How To Drink BEER, i somehow doubt it's going to be challenging "Yesterday" to a FITE.

posted 30/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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