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Though these webpages may exude an airy of icy calm and urban cool, beneath this thin veneer there is ACTIVITY going on like Nobody's Business, as we THUNDER MAJESTICALLY towards Sunday's mastering session. We've got a FINAL list of adjustments to be made, which Mr Frankie Machine is now embarking on. Only "Mental Judo" has anything large to be sorted out, a few other songs need TWEAKS and most of the others are DONE. The end is tantalisingly within reach!

With that in mind we've moved on to arguing about the tracklisting... although, slightly disappointingly, this has all come together rather easily. We agreed some RULES for how this'd be worked out early on, and have been occasionally discussing it on our MESSAGE BOARD (yes, that's right, there is a Validators Message Board which we're using to sort all this stuff out ON THE INTERWEB. Brian Eno - SUFFER!) mostly with me and Tim going different running orders.

Last night we had a bit more discussion which led me, this morning, to try out a new version of the running order on my futuristic NanoPod (oh Eno, stop your CRYING) which sounded BLOODY GRATE. I emailed Tim to tell him I'd put this new order on the BOARD, he emailed back to say HE had a new order too, which sounded GRATE also. We both readied ourselves for BATTLE... and then found out that we'd both come up with EXACTLY the same running order!

Ooooh, Rather Spooky! Well, all right, not that spooky, but still it feels as if THE GODS OF ROCK are looking down upon us and smiling. We've ALSO got the cover for the single pretty much sorted out too, and in a LANDMARK FIRST for us, it features ALL members of The Validators, in photographic format. I'll post it up here when it's done. It's all very exciting though - our deadline for completing all this stuff is our gig in Kilburn next week, so we're WELL on schedule for me to have an Easter of NOT doing any of this, before we get going on manufacturing and Publicity Planning afterwards. If all goes to plan we'll be celebrating with a BAND CURRY on Saturday night - my dears, I feel we shall DESERVE it!

posted 5/4/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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