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Blog: A Cracking Wheeze

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Excitement gathers here at Chez Validator, as we move ever close to COMPLETION. The multimedia is now in FINAL DRAFT form (i got up at 6.45am this morning to finish it off, and now am awaiting any amendments from Vlads), Mr Machine last night ALMOST completed the mixes, with his FINAL SESSION coming on Friday, and Tim now has ALL FUNCTIONALITY REQUIRED to complete the artwork. If all goes to plan we're going to be finished nearly A WEEK ahead of schedule! Give US the Olympics!

With all this in mind, i've had a GRATE idea - on Monday, I'm going to announce the... sorry, i mean OFFICIALLY Announce The Tracklisting. With a press release, and EVERYTHING! Well, I listen to 6Music and there's always someone announcing something or other, and it's obviously NEVER as exciting as The Tracklisting To Our Album - NONE of them ever have The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever Recorded, for instance - so why not eh? We're going to go ALL OUT for publicity this time, so we might as well start early!

Other ideas are troubling my BRANE too, and doubtless MORE will arise after Saturday's curry, so I say this: let us enjoy this last remnant of CALM, for LO! soon things will be MOVING!

posted 6/4/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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