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Today i am trying not to PANIC, because i have no reason whatsoever to do so. As I may have casually mentioned, we got the album mastered on Sunday, and in a week or two I'm going to send it off to the manufacturers so that they can go forth and multiply it. In the meantime all I have to do is create a new disc with the Multimedia bit on it too.

PANIC! Usually this all gets done at the very last minute, with me spending hours SWEATING over whether it'll work or not followed by WEEKS of delirious FEAR that it'll all go wrong, as in many cases I don't have time to check things properly. I was convinced that "Warriors of Nanpantan" would come back as as data disc of mp3s the whole time it was out of my hands, and the moment when Tom put it in his car to play it for the first time and we found that it WORKED was, to say the least, a happy moment for me.

But this time there's no need for fear and worry, I've got WEEKS in which to do it, yet already i am PALPITATING with DREAD. Yesterday I tried to copy it all over and found that my CD copier put standard two second gaps in INSTEAD of the ones we'd toiled so long over. The next time i tried it it took all the gaps OUT. AGH! NGG! DOOM! If i could work out how long the gaps SHOULD be then all would be fine, but it only shows up on my CD played as in Full Seconds. Does anyone know how i can get the exact gaps? Or another way to do it?

As I say, I've got AGES before this needs to be done and PLENTY of AVENUES to pursue before DOOM sets in, so i guess it is just HABIT that is making me react this way.But the FEAR, my friends, the FEAR is REAL!

In other news, i travelled to distant South East London last night to see The Bobby McGees at The New Cross Inn. They've got a double bass player now, which suddenly made them FIRM and MULTI-LAYERED, and also really JAZZ. It was dead good tho, especially one I hadn't heard before about going to France ("it's so far away it feels like another country") which sounded lovely. It was also lovely to see Mr Jimmy McGee GRAPPLING with the fact that things were going WELL and getting worried about it, it was a beautiful thing.

posted 12/4/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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