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THRILLING FACTS OF ROCK: It's really really easy to get to The Luminaire in Kilburn from my house: two minutes to my local TRANE station, two TRANES then two minutes walk down Kilburn High Road. ACE!

The INTENSE DELIGHT continued when I got there, as The Luminaire is LOVELY. Every time you read about it everyone goes on and on about what a nice place it is, and it turns out that that's because it REALLY IS. When we got there one of the people who run it (BOTH of whom are dead nice) took me on a Guided Tour - i wondered why, but it turns out to be just because they are rightfully proud of what they've got. The Actual Venue's lovely, and backstage there's a proper big DJ booth with TONS of CLEAN space for bags and stuff, AND there's a proper real-live GREEN ROOM with plush comfy seats, CLEAN NESS, and FRESH TOWELS!! Fresh Towels!!! We couldn't believe it!

The Pattisons arrived shortly after me, and Emma remarked how much nicer it is to be somewhere where the "dressing room" floor isn't covered in piss. She's such a Diva! Tim then made me... sorry, I happily volunteered to help Tim set up his drum kit, which the last band were also using, and then we sat around discussing crimpers and tour dates in that comfortable backstage room. It was lovely - Tom and Rob were stuck in traffic, the soundchecks were running late, but we were calm and relaxed as we had nice chairs to sit in and cups of COFFEE. It was LOVELY.

This kept on being the case when we did the soundcheck, as not only is the sound system DEAD GOOD but the soundguy was a really nice bloke who was a pleasure to deal with - I have to say it's not THAT unusual a thing to happen as soundguys ARE generally quite nice (especially if you're not a complete arsehole - they react quite badly to that sort of behaviour) but they don't tend to be quite as RELAXED as he was - turns out this was because he didn't have a watch on. AHA!

Soundcheck done we wandered down the road to SPEEDY NOODLE where we had some Very Quickly Served GRUB and REGALED each other with Tales Of The Road before returning to a venue that was very quickly filing with a broad range of LOVELY people. As I may have hinted, it was a very very nice venue indeed and this was only added to by the influx of generally nice people who came to see us - my dears it was like a giddy social whirl of wandering around chatting, it was dead nice.

Anyway, soon it was time to tear ourselves away from the pleasant company and cosy seating arrangements and play our GIG, and this is what we played:
  • Quality Of Life Enhancement Device
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Better Things To Do
  • Billy Jones Is Dead
  • The Fight For History
  • The Gay Train
  • Tell Me Something You Do Like
  • Easily Impressed
  • I had to SQUINT to read that, as for some reason our SETLISTMEISTER has gone down from A4 sheets to A7, perhaps it is for THE ENVIRONMENT? Anyway, the set was ACE - it felt REALLY good to us, Tom especially was DELIGHTED with the sound that he was getting, and we seemed to play the whole thing GOOD. I enjoyed myself because I'd brought RENIE, my Electrical Guitar, with me and THOROUGHLY enjoyed throwing SHAPES with it - there is a whole new DANCE during "The Gay Train", for instance. Oh yes!

    It was thus a Happy Band afterwards who realised that - AHA! - those Fresh Towels were going to come in very handy for de-SWEAT-ifying our more sweaty team members. There was more chat and then we watched "My Sad Captains" who were actually dead good - a lot more Proper Indie than I'd expected, in a VERY GOOD WAY - even though their guitarist looked like a bass player and their bass player looked like a guitarist. Sort it out eh chaps?

    The evening ended with discussion of our touring itinerary, hopefully at least some of which will feature The Fighting Cocks (Charlie Of Them came down and it was HEART WARMING to see that he had now got THE ROAD IN HIS BLOOD after their recent triumphant tour - THE ROAD, it is an ADDICTION!), before closing finally with Hugs In The Car Park. The Pouring Of My Guinness and I then made for the TOOB full of the joys of ROCK and looking forward to said tour immensely, for LO! it had been a LOVELY evening.

    posted 14/4/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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    Note for purposes of historical accuracy: "...even though their guitarist looked like a bass player and their bass player looked like a guitarist" originally astutely observed by Mr "Carsmile" Steve. Naughty Hibbett!
    posted 17/4/2006 by Anonymous

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