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I had a GRATE time last night doing SERIOUS WORK for THE CAUSE. I printed off loads of pictures of GRATE HOMOSEXUALS and spent a couple of hours going Blue Peter TASTIC - I cut out their faces, Pritt-Sticked them onto the backs of cereal packets, and then coloured them in with crayons. This worked better in some cases than others, as I'd got the pictures off the web and some were higher definition than others, also CONTRAST levels varied. The one that came out best was Dusty Springfield, funnily enough, I'm sure I've seen an Andy Warhol style picture of her that looks similar to what I ended up with.

Anyway, I cut out the newly card-backed versions and ended up with around 14 jolly-coloured smiling heads, ready for use in the vidoe for "The Gay Train" next week. They look GRATE - now I need to make a few other PROPS for it and we should be GO!

Halfway through this WHOLESOME activity I was rung by Thomas Scott on the Technical Difficulties show on University Radio York. We had a lovely chat, and as ever in such cases it seemed to be over REALLY quickly. I like doing interviews like that as it is a GRAND opportunity for me to GO ON AND ON for AGES. I found myself saying thing like "Yes, our NEW ALBUM - 'WE VALIDATE!' - is available in the shops soon!" and other things that People On The Telly come out with. I felt slightly DIRTY... in a GOOD way. Oh yeah!

posted 9/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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