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Blog: Closer By A Thumb

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Today's THRILLING INSTALMENT of the Album Approaching Saga is that the album is DEFINITELY at the Factory being made as I have had a conversation today about THUMBCUTS. Apparently they can't do super-sexy delicious Wallet With A Flap style albums without putting a ThumbCut into the inside - that's the semi-circular cut out bit you sometimes see in CD Wallets to make it easier to get the CDs out. We hadn't counted on that, as the last time we had it done it wasn't an essential part of the process, but apparently that's the way it is this time, so the TEXT on the inside sleeve has been moved slightly and now the mighty wheels of production can ROLL FORTH.

I find it all quite exciting I must say. Also today I FOUND a big list of fanzines out on the web and INVESTIGATED them, then RECIEVED a big list of WEBzines from an INSIDE SOURCE and investigated them ALSO. Our mailing list is looking VERY healthy INDEED at the moment, in fact the only part of it that's looking a bit impoverished is the Traditional Print Media, but hopefully we'll be sorting that out next week.

I really like this BIT of the Album Release Cycle i must say - there's all sorts of things hanging in the air and I'm checking my email every ten minutes to see what's come in, it's all RATHER thrilling!

posted 11/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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