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Blog: They're Really Here!!

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The albums and singles - they're here! And they look BLOODY GORGEOUS!

It was a bit of a fraught afternoon for me yesterday, as every time the door went at work, or any time a vehicle stopped nearby, or indeed anybody walked PAST, i LEAPT UP in the hope that it was the delivery van with my NEW STOCK. At three o'clock the manufacturers rang up to get my CREDIT CARD details - usually when you buy CDs you have to agree to buy the "over-run" copies, as APPARENTLY they can't switch the machines off quick enough so there's always more made than you ordered. Yes, I know, but that's what they always say so it's best to COUGH UP which I duly did and the van sped towards me. Two and a quarter FEVERED hours later (during which i went upstairs and stood on the pavement... two or three GLARE at passing vans) they arrived.

OH! the beauty of them! The singles and the albums are all in carboard wallets, "inside out" so they feel sort of SOFT and WOODY, with the album being a foldout - they look like old fashioned vinyl singles and albums as held in the hands of GIANTS. We say, WELL DONE TIM for the design, they are GRATE.

Obviously there was more PANIC when i convinced myself they were going to have been printed WRONG (they weren't) or that the multimedia wouldn't work (it does) or that it had been mastered too quietly (it hasn't), so much so that it's only now, nearly 24 hours later, that I'm allowing myself to get EXCITED about it. EXCITEMENT, however, is gently mounting... oh yes! This morning i spent A HUNDRED QUID in the post office sending copies off to our associates here and abroad and also getting stamps for the promo mailouts. Tonight I'm off to deliver some to our PR LADY then over the weekend I'll be sending 80 or so singles to The Radio.

It's all about to BEGIN! Strap yrselves in everybody, this is THE GOOD BIT!

posted 25/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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