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Blog: And They're Off!

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u find me a bit goggle-eyed today with ENVELOPE FATIGUE, for LO! i have been folding press releases and letters, sorting CDs, putting Tracklisting And Language stickers onto the back of albums, checking addresses, and generally doing a WHOPPING GRATE MAILOUT. For some reason i always moan about this, "I didn't join the ranks of ROCK to lick envelopes" i say in a curmudgeonly manner, but this time I have to say I really enjoyed it. Maybe it is because the albums and singles look SO UTTERLY GORGEOUS that i really don't mind staring at them for hours on end, but is has all been quite relaxing and delightful.

Yesterday morning, as noted, i spent VAST sums of CA$H sending a load of them out to ASSOCIATES, and this lunchtime i wandered along Leytonstone High Road posting over a hundred more albums and singles, variously packaged, into four seperate post boxes. I always do this as I worry that if i put them all in the same box it could get knocked down by a lorry, or catch fire, or flood - hey! those stamps cost me a lot of money, I'm taking every precaution I can!

Today's batch were albums for fanzines and webpages, singles for radio, and a few other odds and sods for Various Types. I've got a few more of the latter to do next week, and then a heap of albums to send out to radio people in a fortnight, but otherwise i think that's me done. I LUGGED a great pile of them over to our PR Lady yesterday after work so she's got quite a few to do, and i've still got to EMAIL everyone to check the CDs arrive, but really this is now the BEGINNING OF THE END of about six months of MANIC ACTIVITY. Soon it will be time for me to RELAX with a BEER and THE FOOTBALL - oh man, i cannot WAIT!

posted 26/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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