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I've just sent out this month's NEWSLETTER and am surprised to report that NOBODY seems to be on holiday at the moment! Some months i get a TONNE of auto-replies saying "I am on the BEACH - HA!" but this time none. What a bunch of HARD-WORKING TYPES we all are!

Anyway, there's a load of news in this month's issue, including the FACT that the single version of "Better Things To Do" is now available to download from our MYSPACE. I think it sounds pretty good - see what you reckon!

And, as ever, if you'd like to get the newsletter sent direct to your email every month, do JOIN UP won't you? Now is an ESPECIALLY groovy time to do so, as there's going to be a couple of extra emails going out with FACT about gigs, release dates, and how to get I VALIDATE! Badges. They're LOVELY!

posted 31/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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