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I trotted off last night for my first (and hopefully not the last) INTERVIEW about the new album, with the lovely Claire Dickinson from Kooba Radio. We had a bit of a chat in the pub before hand then STOPPED before we started talking too much about things that it might be handy to talk about later - i learnt my GRATE LESSON OF RADIO with Claire a year or so ago just after "Warriors Of Nanpantan" came out, when I did another interview with her and spent the whole time records were playing REGALING her with HUMOROUS ANECDOTES about each song... and then becoming MONOSYLLABIC when we were recording ourselves talking. This is NOT the best way to do it, i discovered.

We went into the POSH STUDIO where she works and did the show in LIGHTNING SPEED, it was GRATE. I talked at GRATE LENGTH about a DIVERSITY of subjects, and i think this time i managed NOT to be rude accidentally about ANY of The Validators - i seem to recall i did call Tom's piano part in "Mental Judo" "Surprisingly rubbish", but ONLY so I could then explain the MYSTERY of a) why he should do something that was anything but MARVELLOUS and b) how we thought that in the first place when, on the finished recording, it sounds ACE. So sorry about that Tom, but keep listening, it does get explained!

Of the ten songs played on the show no less than SIX of them were off "WE VALIDATE!", which i reckon is Quite A Lot. They sounded GOOD tho, and I was relieved to hear she liked them - I'm still a bit paranoid that people will say "What were you THINKING? This isn't right at ALL!" when they hear it, so it was nice to be slightly dissuaded. You can judge for yourself when it goes online anyway - it should be available at the Kooba Radio Site later on today, go have a listen if you can!

posted 1/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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