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Blog: Double 18!

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Members of THE MAILING LIST should look to their inboxes today, for LO! you should have received a message about our EXCITING NEW SCHEME: THE HALLS OF VALIDATION! It really is RATHER an exciting new idea, which hopefully we shall be hearing more of ANON.

Also quite exciting here in my household is the fact that today i am DOUBLE 18! Half my lifetime ago i became A MAN and also did my first ever gig. It seems like MILLIONS of years ago - on Friday night The Wrapping On My Gift and I were out in the pub celebrating another birthday, and I ended up talking to some people who were RETIRED. They said that they felt exactly the same now as they did when they were 30, which sounded good to me. That sounds pretty good to me - although i must say i feel like an ENTIRELY different person to how i did when i was 18, and that is a VERY GOOD THING INDEED.

It strikes me as slightly odd that Double 18 doesn't get ANY attention as an auspicious birthday - maybe when you REACH this TWICE MANLY age you don't feel the need to draw too much attention to it? I'm not having a DO or anything this year, so maybe I'm following the trend - I'm having the day off to mess around and watch the football then meeting The Star In My Flag Of Ghana for a couple of BEERS after work before returning homes to watch MORE football and have a curry. I am, in fact, doing EXACTLY what I would most like to do. Perhaps THAT is the true mark of being DOUBLE 18!

posted 19/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Happy double 18th mate
posted 19/6/2006 by Pauly


hope to pop down on wednesday, bit busy with work at the mo tho :(
posted 19/6/2006 by CarsmileSteve

Arrr eh, I haven't got anything from the mailing list, maybe it is SPAMMIN'! Happy double 18th, Wednesday is my double, erm, 12 and a halfth! :)
posted 19/6/2006 by Sarah

somewhere on the band profile pages it says "mo ticker" instead of mo tucker...
posted 20/6/2006 by Pauly

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