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Blog Archive: August 2010

What a fine institution is the Great British (or, in this case, English Welsh and Northern Irish) Bank Holiday, for LO! I had a FINE old time of it indulging in some TRADITION.

On Friday I made my TRADITIONAL pilgrimage to Peterborough for the Beer Festival. It was GRATE, but for the rather odd decision by the organisers to change the layout. In all years past you've been able to walk down one side of the MASSIVE tents, through the bands' tent, up the other side and then round the front, making for a DELIGHTFUL perambulation during which you can see how many former PE teachers you can spot staggering around. THIS year the whole thing was in a bizarre "C" shape, so you COULDN'T circumnavigate the festival (there were FENCES to stop you!). This also meant that MUCH less people saw the bands. It was DAFT, but we bravely struggled on.

As I did for most of Saturday. Oh dear. Why does that LONE Bad Pint ALWAYS get me?

On SUNDAY we all set off with various nephews and nieces to the SEASIDE - Walton on the Naze, to be exact, where we sat down for the most TRADITIONAL beach picnic EVER i.e. the tide was coming in so we had to keep moving everything back, it suddenly TIPPED it down with rain, and we all ended up sitting in the car, eating crisps, drinking tea, and LOOKING out of the window at the sea. BRILLIANT! When it cleared up we went to the PIER where I lost a shocking THREE POUNDS on the amusement arcade and then went and made myself feel even LESS well by going on the Waltzers. WHEE!

Yesterday I sat in bed. That "Moon" film is awfully good isn't it?

And as a final FLOURISH of tradition, today is Newsletter day, and the latest issue has just gone flying out to subscribers. It's full of EXCITINGLY NEW things - for LO! what could be MORE traditional than thrilling newness? Well, probably a lot of things, but still: FORWARD!

posted 31/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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Before I Disappear Into The Mud
You discover me this afternoon preparing, MENTALLY, for my annual pilgrimage to The Peterborough Beer Festival. I'm a bit afeared this year as it has been LOBBING it down with RAIN for the past couple of days and I fear it may not be the delightful sun-dappled picnic of BOOZE that it has been for the past few years. Still, I shall be there with my colleague Mr P Myland, with whom I withstood not one but TWO of the MOST RAINIEST Glastonbury Festivals EVER! We don't like to talk about it, but the MEMORIES will always be with us.

Before I go though, a NOTE about ANOTHER compilation that we're on, No More Of Your Fairy Stories, "an indiepop loveletter to The Ramones". We recorded our version of "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" AGES ago - maybe even a couple of YEARS ago - and had GRATE LARKS so doing. We knew we wanted to do it in a different musical style, but couldn't decide WHAT... so ended up doing LOTS of different versions and stringing them together. We had a LOT of fun, as you can probably tell if you listen to it, though my FAVOURITE bit is Emma refusing, audibly, to have anything at all to do with the REGGAE section. That's BRILL, that is!

We got given copies of it when we were at Indietracks, tho there were only enough to go round for The Validators to have them, so I've not had a chance to hear what the rest of it's like. Looking at the tracklisting, however, it looks AMAZING, a right proper STAR STUDDED sample of the Current Crop Of The IndiePop. I wonder how many of them ALSO did cod reggae versions? I bet it's most of them, right?

Okay then, enough chat, it's nearly time to head for the MUD - if I'm not back after the bank holiday, send a Chilean Digging Team in to get me!

posted 27/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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Moon Horse Progress Report
Since last we spoke of it progress has gone on "MOON HORSE" has occurred at BREAKNECK SPEED - I now have almost THREE songs written for it and nearly 15 minutes' worth of material. This will hopefully be PARED DOWN a bit when I do proper editting, but COR! It's whipping along beautifully, and I haven't even got to The Mars Men Of Jupiter or the SECRET VILLAIN yet.

This may well be my FAVOURITE bit of the whole process of doing this kind of thing - this morning walking to the tube I suddenly saw how one bit could work as a song and it all SPLURGED out of my brain just as I sat down on the train. It's amazing and exciting to have all this stuff going on in the old BRANE, and also a bit SCARY - how do I know it's all going to actually WORK? What if the ideas suddenly STOP and I never finish it? All I can do at this point is be sure and leave my mind AJAR at all times so that anything that wants to get in - or OUT - can so do.

I'm also doing a bit of RESEARCH - over the course of doing Dinosaur Planet several people have come up and said things like "Iridium actually IS in meteorites you know!" as if I'd been MAKING IT UP!!! PROPER RESEARCH goes into all of this, and the same is true of "Moon Horse". So far I've been reading about The Fall Of Lucifer, The British Interplanetary Society, and UK-USA relations in the 1960's... and also watching Mike Yarwood on YouTube. It's all ESSENTIAL!

But yes, it's all going JOLLY well and I'm really looking forward to being able to start showing it to people, even though that won't be until next year. I'm also thinking about MAYBE doing BITS of it elsewhere, but that'll have to wait until it's all done and, you never know, I might get STUCK trying to do an historically accurate representation of Lyndon B Johnson.

Or maybe I'll just make him into a COWBOY. Hmmm...

posted 26/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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Maurenbrecher fur alle
A very exciting item arrived through our letterbox this mid-morning - "Maurenbrecher fur alle", a THREE CD tribute to Manfred Maurenbrecher. My involvement in this was to record a version of "Arbeit", which I spent AGES trying to translate and then significantly less time recording.

I haven't listened to it for AGES and so was quite impressed with how PROPER it sounds on the CD, especially the "interrupted by nearby children" INTERLUDE. Unfortunately for my poorly tutored BRANE the whole package is in GERMAN... which is only fair enough, as Mr Maurenbrecher and nearly all of the other acts ARE also German, but does make it a bit difficult for me to work out what's going on.

It also means I haven't been able to find a link to buy it - it's on German Amazon, but I don't know if that translates to being able to IMPORT it anywhere else. If i find out, i shall ALERT you!

Still, I'm EXTREMELY proud to be on this huge tribute, and exceptionally pleased to be asked - it's a glorious packaged PACKED with all sorts of interesting stuff, if you can get hold of a copy, please do!

posted 25/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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Warriors Of Nanpantan
As we continue the steady march towards the release of Forest Moon Of Enderby I'm still gradually putting the rest of our might back catalogue up on our Bandcamp Pages. I've so far managed to get one sorted out a month, though this month's effort took a bit longer than normal as there is so much of it!

For LO! It is our first "Rest Of" compilation, Warriors Of Nanpantan which is now available for LIVE STREAMING and downloading. I've also, as usual, linked up the songs on THIS site so if, for example, you visited the page for Another Man's Laundry (hanging on your line) you could LISTEN to it while you read the lyrics and COPIOUS NOTES. It's all rather SWISH, i reckon!

That means that ALL of our full band albums so far are now available - next month Forest Moon Of Enderby itself will be up, then after that I'll start putting some SOLO stuff up, starting with Hibbett's Superstore. Isn't living in The Modern World GRATE sometimes?

posted 24/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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The London Run
Mr S Hewitt and I met once more on Saturday evening, at The Camden Head in Camden, London, Camdencestershire, to do the first of our two night LONDON run of Dinosaur Planet.

I was, to say the least, feeling a bit TREPIDATIOUS about it all. I knew we hadn't sold many advance tickets and wasn't sure if many people at ALL were coming. What if this turned out to be a Really Bad Idea which casted a PALL across the whole experience? Steve was, i think, feeling the same, so you can imagine our AMAZEMENT when we went upstairs to do the show to find that the room was PACKED!

PACKED, i tell you, PACKED! This led to a GRATE show where we larked around like NOBODY'S business having an ACE time. There was an air conditioning unit on VERY LOUDLY which meant we had to shout a bit to be sure everyone could hear us, and it was odd to be playing an L-Shaped room, but we ROMPED through it, and went home VERY pleased with it all. HOORAH!

So pleased was I, in fact, that the next morning I woke up with a HUGE and WHOLE NEW FANTASTIC IDEA for NEXT year's show ready formed in my brain. I had to RUN downstairs to write it all down, it sounds GRATE - for a little while now I've been concerned that the idea for doing a whole show about Terrence Lloyd-Johnson might not a) be enough for a fun hour b) have much scope for HILARITY and c) be entirely RESPECTFUL if we did. Nobody else, I thought, is doing gently humorous two man science fiction ROCK OPERAS, so perhaps it might be better if we carried on and did something ELSE in the same vein?

I arrived at The Hangover Lounge with all this ringing in my brain. I was spending the afternoon there to see TWO bands and also because Steve had suggested some flyering. Nervously I approached him with my THORTS and then explained the IDEA. I needn't have bothered going into so much depth, I think i HAD him with the words "MOON HORSE"! "MOON HORSE!" we would sing for the rest of the evening. "MOON HORSE!"

Honest, it's going to be GRATE!

Upstairs I watched the first of the two TURNS I had come to see, Jyoti from White Town. I've been loosely linked with him ever since we advertised our very first AAS single as "featuring members of number one hitmakers White Town" (which it did, Mr Frankie Machine and Ann from Sienna were both in his backing band EONS ago) but ridiculously have never ever heard him play. This is foolish as he was GRATE - playing Totally Acoustically i was first of all amazed at how LOVELY his singing was. Really, you so rarely hear Proper Excellent Singing in the live arena, it was beautiful, and the songs were brilliant. I was HUGELY impressed, and even more so when Elizabeth Allo Darlin' joined him for the final song which was, of course, "Your Woman". It was FAB!

As indeed was the next TURN, which was the aforesaid Elizabeth Allo Darlin', playing similarly Totally Acoustically. There was a new song, a couple of requests (someone - hem hem - BELLOWED for "Silver Dollars", almost as if the lyrics are Extraordinarily Relevant) but best of all "Tallulah", which is pretty much my FAVOURITE right now. I love the fact that a song which ASKS, among other things, whether you've heard all the songs that will ever mean anything to you goes on to say "No, because THIS song does". It's just a brilliant song, as they all are really.

It was a brilliant afternoon, not least because it was so nice to be back in INDIE WORLD, where people are dead nice and there are Pleasant Times to be hand. With all this buzzing through my head we then went for BURRITO before heading once more to The Camden Head for what was to be, pending further bookings, the FINAL SHOW for Dinosaur Planet. It's very unlikely that it WILL be the final show, not least because once again we had a WHALE of a time doing it. We were nowhere near packed this time, and so got the audience to sit in one LIMB of the L-Shaped room, but they were WELL up for it and there were LARFS APLENTY. I tell you what, it doesn't half make a difference doing the show in the evening, when people have had a BEER!

It was HECKLOADS of fun and, as I say, we are thus EAGER to do more. I'd been feeling a little bit DOWN about the whole thing with the Post-Edinburgh Blues but this "Victory Lap" reminded me how much GOOD TIMES there are to be had in doing this show and not only made me want to TOUR it, but also to do something similar next year. This, I believe, is known as The Healing Power Of ROCK!

posted 23/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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To Enderby... and BEYOND!
Crumbs, we've hardly even FINISHED this run of Dinosaur Planet (actually we HAVEN'T - we on at The Camden Head on Saturday and Sunday, do come if you're around!) when it's time to start moving on to the NEXT thing.

For LO! we now have an Official Release Date for Forest Moon Of Enderby! It's going to be available in SHOPS (theoretically), on Online Retailers, and on iTunes (and so on) from OCTOBER 18th! HOOPLA!

That means I've got all sorts of work to do to make it all happen on time, and so have done myself a BIG LIST. When i first looked at it I thought "But this seems significantly LESS ONEROUS than usual Album Campaigns, have I missed something?" then i realised I have actually already DONE the most HIDEOUS aspect i.e. the Manufacturing. All the compiling, CD burning, DEALING WITH PRINTERS, and waiting in for deliveries, that's all DONE. All I have to do now is the relatively EASY business of getting it to shops and things, and promoting it! And that's almost FUN!

So I'm currently going through checking and adding to the promo mailing list - this morning I almost HOOTED with JOY when I realised I can use Large Letter Stamps for this one, THAT'S how much Almost FUN this bit of it is! The press release is pretty much written, the gigs are all booked, and everything else seems to be well under way. Maybe i HAVE missed something?

If you'd like a copy and can't WAIT until October 18th then don't worry, I will as usual be doing an Early Bird Offer for people on the mailing list, so if you're NOT on there already now would be a good time to sign up!

Once that's done I've got to get back up to Derby to start mixing SOUND EFFECTS for the NEXT album, but let's worry about that another day shall we? For now it's full steam ahead for ENDERBY!

posted 20/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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Indietracks Appeal
And now, it's time for a CHARITY APPEAL. For LO! Team Indietracks are trying to raise some money to help the LOVELY people at the Midland Railway finish off their station building. It's a brilliant idea and they really are ACE, so I heartily ENDORSE the following:
We're really lucky that the Midland Railway makes it possible for Indietracks to take place on their steam railway each year. It's such a beautiful, perfect location for our festival and the railway staff and volunteers have always been incredibly welcoming, friendly and supportive. As you can imagine, it takes a lot to keep the railway going each year, so we'd like to try and help out. We asked the charity how we might help and they said they'd love some help in raising money to finish their Swanwick station building. They've set up an appeal page at Charity Giving (see the link below) so that people can donate online.

The link for donating is RIGHT HERE, and if you've ever been to Indietracks I think it'd be a SUPERB thing to help them out. The appeal's running until Friday 10 September, let's all go and give them some CA$H!

posted 19/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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I'm sure nobody can tell from the high levels of CHARM and SPARKLE eminating from my person like ANTI-ODOUR or something, but I've had a bit of the old Post Edinburgh BLUES for the past few days. Mostly it has exhibited itself in the form of being KNACKERED and/or sitting at work looking A Bit Glum, but I've woken up this morning after a truckload of KIP feeling MUCH better.

INDEED, i MUST be feeling back to normal as my BRANE is FULL of ideas. Metric TONNES of IDEAS for future projects and EXCITEMENT in fact - here's a brief look at the main points running through my BRANE this morning:

This is the front-runner - or, AHAHA! Front WALKER - for next year's show. The story of Terrence Lloyd Johnson, the oldest man EVER to win an Olympic Track and Field medal. He won Bronze for Great Britain in the 50km Walk at the 1948 games in London and is COMPLETELY BRILLIANT. I've got various ideas about how to do this, most of which seem to be coalescing around the idea of doing some Proper Research and perhaps even some RACE WALKING! If nothing else, if we do THIS next year then Mr S Hewitt and I will end up SVELTE!
The Sword Of Monsters
The early favourite for next year's show, now slipping back a bit. This would be fairly similar to Dinosaur Planet, except with Skeletons, Sea Monsters, ACTUAL Pirates and A Faithful Horse. Part of me thinks it'd be GOOD to do something fairly similar to Dinosaur Planet, part of me thinks it WOULDN'T.
Captain Wonderful
A superhero story which I have PAGES and PAGES of notes for, mostly based on a night of FEVER DREAMS when i was last proper poorly. I LOVE this story, it's FULL of stuff, but it might be a bit MUCH to stuff into an hour long show for next year, so I'll probably save it for something else.
Totally Acoustic
This is the last of the Next Year's Fringe Ideas, and only PARTLY to do with it. As I've mentioned elsewhere we're going to be doing PODCASTS of the next run of Totally Acoustic and, having looked online a bit, I think the BEST thing to do to get it going properly would be to do a TRAILER for it. That way I'd already have a link set up to the PODCAST FEED ready for our first episode (NB please note I may not know what I'm ON about here). Related to this I am also finalising the THEME TUNE in my head, wondering about recording it on video as WELL as on my four track to maximise likelihood of recording it all, and thinking about maybe using THAT to do a MINI VIDEO TRAILER each fortnight. Oh, and I'm also seriously thinking about trying to do a few shows of THIS at the Fringe next year, mostly as an excuse to get some PALS to come over!
Dinosaur Planet
And then, as ever, there's MORE to do with Dinosaur Planet. In brief:
  • Oooh! We're Doing It In Camden At The Weekend!
  • When Am I Going To Go To Derby And Start Doing The Sound Effects?
  • The Animated Version: Where To Go?
  • I Wonder If Anyone Would Be Interested In Putting On An AM DRAM Version Of It? With A Proper Actual Full Cast And Everything?

And THAT is what was going on in my BRANE when i got up this morning. It was EXHAUSTING - I think I might go back to bed!

posted 18/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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On to... CAMDEN!
You find me this morning sitting at work feeling WORN OUT. That was a LONG couple of weeks of ACTION and adventure and, to be honest, I was sort of expecting to be resting on a CHAISE LONGUE for the next few days fending off calls from theatrical agents and the desperate pleas Lloyd-Webber's people to not TOTALLY reinvent musical theatre before they had a chance to pack up their belongings. Oh well - I suppose being back at work is NEARLY as much fun, right?

Still, the TREADMILL of THEATRE pauses for no one, and we're back on it in just a few days as we do the traditional VICTORY LAP, this time comprising of two nights at the Camden Fringe. I'm actually dead excited about this - by Saturday lunchtime Mr S Hewitt and I had got ourselves RIGHT into the GROOVE of doing Dinosaur Planet and I am really rather PROUD of how GRATE it was, so am very pleased to have the chance to do it AGAIN so soon, and also so much closer to my own bed!

So yes, if you're in That London at the weekend and fancy coming along to see what I've been going ON and ON about all this time, do pop along to The Camden Head on Saturday or Sunday to see us. Our show is on from 8.45pm to 9.45pm (there's people in before AND after us, so those'll be pretty strict timings!) and you can get all the details over on the Dinosaur Planet page. Go on, it'll be GRATE!

posted 17/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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Home again
Greetings from Hibbett HQ, where I'm having a much needed day off to get over the excitement of Edinburgh. COR, but that a) seemed like we were there for MONTHS b) FLEW by at incredible high speed. We saw HUGE amounts of shows - my FAVE was Pappy's, i think, or maybe seeing Otway and then GETTING OUR PHOTO TAKEN WITH HIM, my LEAST fave I won't go on about (send SAE/ask in pub) altho for some reason it's the one I keep reading the MOST good reviews about! Sarah Bennetto was GRATE too, as were Being 747 (who I saw TWICE - man alive i was RELIEVED that it went so well for them, after GOADING them into doing it so much!), Stewart Lee, Helen Arney (who let me do a "Boom Shake The Room" at her ukelele night, which was DEAD good!), The Order Of The Leaky Boot, Ellis James, Richard Herring, Josie Long and... well, all sorts!

The big fun for me this time was going to the Free Fringe tho, which felt PROPER, whether it was Robin Ince or the four Scottish Comedians that me and The Punchline In My Gag saw on her last night. I always feels a bit CORPORATISED wandering round the big venues, so going to see some PROPER Fringe shows felt DEAD PUNK.

For those keeping count (i.e. probably just me!) we got quite a lot more people through the door this year, which was ESPECIALLY good going for our time slot (NOON is pretty much the earliest slot in nearly all the venues, so there's not many spare people about) and the problems the venue had with ELECTRIC. We DID manage to do all our shows, but on Thursday especially (or was it Friday? Time tends to BLUR!) it was beginning to look like we might not make it.

Also we only actually got ONE review this time around, which was a bit disappointing although it WAS a jolly good one - ghere on BroadwayWorld. Oddly, even though they sent a reviewer on our first day, we DIDN'T get one in ThreeWeeks, although we DID get BIG mentions in both issues of the ThreeWeeks WEEKLY newspaper for the Spotify Playlist I did for CMU, which they also publish - especially the second issue when there was a HUGE photograph! (you can see some of it HERE). We also got a nice plug on Lauren Laverne's show, which was GRATE, almost as if ROCK was there to look after us when COMEDY was doing its best to look the other way.

It's a shame though, especially as the show got better and better as we went along, and by the end (when we NEARLY sold out, two days in a row!!) it was actually DEAD GOOD. We're doing a couple of nights at the Camden Fringe at the end of the week (Saturday and Sunday, 8.45-9.45pm at The Camden Head, do come along if you can!) which I'm VERY pleased, also VERY excited about. It's going to be FUN!

Nearly everything, in fact, WAS a lot of fun. Even doing busking on the Royal Mile, where we'd leap about singing in Dinosaur Masks, finish, take them off, and realise that NOBODY was paying any attention, was daft enough to be funny. We also saw lots of shows, as mentioned, met TONS of pals (there seemed to be LOADS of people up there we knew this year), drank some DELICIOUS beer (it is a wonderful city that has Deuchar's IPA available in nearly EVERY pub), had some SMASHING curry and generally larked about like nobody's business. There is no greater testament to the GOOD TIMES that myself and my colleague and pal Mr S Hewitt had than to report that, even as I was relaxing into my seat for the LOVELY relaxing journey home I was ALREADY thinking about what we'd do NEXT year!

It was, in summary, HECKLOADS of fun - I'm glad it's only once a year though, all those HILLS have done for me!

posted 16/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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Morning all - today we sit at the Peak Of The Week (or The Trough Of The Lot) as we're officially HALF WAY through our run of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. As usual, afterspending eight months or so gettinng ready to do it the actual time here is FLYING by!

The show itself has ROLLED on with much joy - Sunday was probably the best version yet, I think, but it's never been less than ACE. I have to say doing the show as a double act is ALWAYS a LOT more fun than doing it on my own, and the EXTRA GAGS continue to appear! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the shows as it feels like we're fully into the swing of it and we've got our biggest ticket sales still to come... except tomorrow, when we've STILL sold NONE! Is there something else happening at noon on Wednesday? Or BE WE CURSED THAT DAY?

We've continued in our publicity efforts - yesterday we played the Family Fringe Showcase, doing three songs, and in the Kids' Feedback session we were told a) we were a bit silly b) everyone likes the Dinosaur puppets c) we look like Postmen d) we look like Cheryl Cole! If we get to TOUR the show I think that's our press release right there!!

We also appear to have accidentally acquired a STREET TEAM as The Koobas have rolled into town and taken a pile of flyers to distribute. Being 747 have also been going GRATE guns, and are getting MASSIVE audiences daily. They seem to be REALLY enjoying it all, which is a) lovely b) a RELIEF!

We even managed to see some OTHER shows too - Stewart Lee was dead good yesterday, as was Josie Long and, in our room, Steve Pretty. The Tasks In My Improv is arriving today, so that means it'll be time to see OTWAY soon, which I'm VERY much looking forward to, also some CULTURE and, who knows, maybe even some CULTURE!

In summary then: it's all going GRATE - but it's going FAST!

posted 10/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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Greetings From Edinburgh!
Hello from a very sunny Edinburgh, where you discover us three (and very nearly four) dates into our run at the Fringe where, so far, everything's going WELL!

We got here on Wednesday and walked round to our INCREDIBLY POSH flat. It's a few doors down from the American consulate and is GINORMOUS - if one of us is in the kitchen and the other in a bedroom you cannot shout loud enough to be heard, and a trip to get the milk requires extreme planning to make sure you've got enough food and equipment to make it back again.

The venue's nice too - being used to doing gigs in pubs and GIG venues makes it feel a bit weird to suddenly have door staff and a whole OFFICE full of people DOING stuff. The shows themselves have been MUCH fun. We were a bit nervy on the first day, which unfortunately was the day that the threeweeks reviewer came, but since then we have been LARKING ABOUT like nobody's business. We've got fairly decent tickets sales ahead too, which is a relief, apart from the 11th when NOBODY is coming, AT ALL. Is something else more exciting going on at noon that day?

Talking of other more exciting things, we've also been to a whole bunch of shows, the first of which was Amoeba To Zebra by our pals Being 747. It was GRATE - i sat STUNNED by the SPECTACLE throughout, like a medieval peasant in a Cathedral, GAWPING at everything. They seem to be really getting into it all too, I have yet to see ANY of them without a lab coat on or an Insect Head near to hand!

Other good stuff so far's been Toby Hadoke (not what I expected, but/and ACE), Helen Arney, Two Episodes Of Mash,Storytellers and Richard Herring, who was GRATE. We've only had TWO curries in between all of these, but have managed to squeeze in a few BEERS at opportune moments. One of the NICEST things about Edinburgh is that EVERYWHERE seems to sell Deuchar's IPA - INDEED, at the Meet The Press event yesterday they were giving it out FREE, which was much needed as it was HOT!

So yes, so far so good - we've got into our rhythm of getting up and going to the show and though it'd be nice to have a slightly LONGER lie-in (10am feels like DAWN) it seems to be working out pretty darn EFFICIENTLY. Talking of which, I'd best go and get my boots on - it's nearly SHOWTIME!

posted 8/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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The Changing Of The Googling
Today I find myself on something of a precipice - a peak, a turning point, an epochal moment IF YOU WILL, for LO! today is the day I finally stop googling "MJ HIBBETT INDIETRACKS" and instead turn to "DINOSAUR PLANET EDINBURGH". Remember where you were when you found out!

I'm sat at work WITTLING about the whole thing, to be honest, largely because we are SO prepared for it. For the past couple of days my colleague Mr S Hewitt and I have been emailing each other with progressively tinier and tinier Things To Do, having run out of ACTUAL things to organise long ago. Everything's booked, everything's learnt (pretty much) and all we have to do now is wait until NOON tomorrow, when we catch the train from London up to lovely Edinburgh for 10 days of MUSICAL THEATRE.

So, as I say, WITTLING. I'm sure we're going to have a brilliant time, but I'll be much MORE sure of that at approximately 1.30pm on Thursday when we've done our first show and we're settling down with a RELAXING PINT, hopefully of our traditional Fringe Beer: DEUCHARS IPA. I'm taking my laptop with me and our flat's got Wi-Fi in it so hopefully I'll be able to keep you fully informed of ALL the THRILLZ that occur, though I should warn you it's likely to feature quite a lot of CURRY!

Right then, time to set the Out Of Office and then go home to PACK. See you in SCOTLAND!

posted 3/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett
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