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Blog Archive: March 2013

Dinosaur Planet Performances
Yesterday I had an email from Mr J Walsh, telling me that he'd dug out Let's All Play The Dinosaur Way and recorded his own version of the theme tune. Here it is:

Nice, isn't it? I thought so, and mentioned it in this month's edition of the newsletter, wondering if anybody else might like to have a go at using the songbook to record their own versions. To my a) amazement b) GLEE I received two responses almost immediately, the first from Mr C Evans, with a version of Please Don't Eat Us recorded by his family the day the album came out, THUS:

... and the second from Mr G Wood, a version of A Little Bit which he recorded about a year ago for a charity day at his work. Here it is:

I think these are rather fantastic, and so I put this challenge out there as a bit of EASTER HOLIDAY FUN: does anybody else fancy doing a song? Go on, I'll stick it on the webpage and EVERYTHING!

posted 28/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Coincidental Edinburgh
We're doing Total Hero Team with the Free Fringe again this year, because they're ACE (and VERY MUCH deserving of any support you can give them e.g. by buying a copy of the amazingly GRATE benefit album what I put together). We got approved to be part of it AGES ago, but had to wait a while to find out what venue we'd be getting, as we're only doing two weeks and they sort out people doing a full run FIRST.

I kept saying "I bet it'll be Medina!" to all who asked, CHORTLING as I did so - the Medina is where we played for the first two years that we did the Fringe, and I knew that it had joined the Free Fringe last year. How HILARIOUS it would be, I thought, if out of ALL the many many venues the PBH Free Fringe had access to, they chose that one! IMAGINE!

And lo and behold, we totally DID get given it as a venue - cue much saying "HO! I told you: I AM PSYCHIC, FEAR MY MIND". We logged it on systems, put it on our gig listings, and felt ready to ROCK... until a couple of weeks ago when we got an email telling us that the Medina (now called "The Third Door") had been SOLD and the owners had gone with someone ELSE instead, so we were being moved to somewhere called "The Wilkie House Upstairs".

I couldn't register this on the Fringe website just yet (NB we have to register it there to get our listing in the Big Fat Programme) as it wasn't LISTED yet - INDEED, as far as GOOGLE knew, the Wilkie House had closed down in the 1990s or something, but we were pretty sure we knew where it was, in the Sin Nightclub on Cowgate, just down the STEPS from the GRV where we played the year after Medina. That would be FINE with us.

Then last night I got another email which happened casually happened to mention halfway through that "Wilkie Upstairs" is a slightly different building to the main "Wilkie House" that we knew about and is, in fact, the new name for ... the GRV!

To summarise: we had originally been booked to play in the same venue we used in 2008 and 2009. That fell through, so we were transferred to... the same venue we used in 2010. I am now COMPLETELY READY for THAT to change in a few weeks and for us to end up back at The Buffs Club again! Apparently it has closed down and is being changed into a HOSTEL instead of a social club, but I do not see that as much of a barrier when, clearly, THE GODS OF ROCK are intent on us revisiting all our old venues... and then NOT revisiting them!

For now though it remains "Wilkie House Upstairs (formerly GRV)" over on the Total Hero Team website. When it changes to "Building Site For Backpackers Hostel (formerly Buffs Club)" I'll let you know.

posted 27/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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A San Francisco Wedding
On Wednesday evening I received the following rather wonderful email:


You won't remember (you were very drunk) but we collared you at the end of your set at the Sheffield Pop Weekender last year and told you of our plan to elope to San Francisco. Well we did the deed yesterday and celebrated by dancing to our song "It Only Works Because You're Here" in our room at the Ritz.

So thank you for playing a part in our wedding day


JP and Jo-Anne

I'm sure I don't know WHAT they mean by that first sentence - as far as I recall I was ENTIRELY sober throughout the day - but the rest of it is BEAUTIFUL. Much to my amazement there's a few couples I know off who have It Only Works Because You're Here as THEIR song, and it always fills me with JOY to think that something what I wrote has such a magical place in other people's hearts. It really does make the whole thing worthwhile, and I'm INCREDIBLY grateful to Mr & Mrs Temple for not only telling me about it, but for sending this GORGEOUS photograph too:

Aaaah, isn't that lovely? It lit up my evening on Wednesday night and continues to do so today - HUGE HUGZ and best wishes to the new Mr and Mrs Temple, have a GRATE honeymoon!

posted 22/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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The 360 Deal
I'm very VERY honoured to be able to say that there's a whole chapter by ME in this amazing new book, released this week, called The 360 Deal, which you can actually BUY right now!

The idea of the book is to counter the current Music Business THING of "The 360 Deal" where the corporation gets a piece of EVERYTHING that the ARTISTE does - touring, merchandise etc etc as well as the usual huge chunk of music sales. Professor Andrew Dubber decided to put together a WEALTH of ADVICE from people involved in INDEPENDENT music, in order to help people who (wisely) would like to pursue a different course.

The bits I've read so far are ACE and feature Wise Words from people like Derek Sivers of CD Baby, our pal Chris T-T, all sorts of ACADEMICS, DJS, songwriters, label types, journalists and... er... me! The idea is that everybody gives the BEST bit of advice they've ever had, in 360 words or less, and over time the book GROWS until it has 360 seperate chapters.

Beautifully, most of the advice seems to be "Get on a do it, and be nice". I couldn't agree more!

It's a lovely idea full of fascinating FACT, and it's all in a good cause too - the money goes to Music Basti, an Indian charity which brings music to children in extreme poverty, which does fit rather brilliantly with the THRUST of the book.

Finally, it's CHEAP - $3.60 in fact! Go on, get a copy, it'll be GRATE!

posted 19/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Total Hero Team In Nottingham
Mr S Hewitt and I were properly back on the road yesterday, as we headed up to Nottingham for another preview of Total Hero Team. Our train was one of those you get on Sunday that stops EVERYWHERE (e.g. Luton Airport Parkway AND Luton) so we had plenty of time to wonder at all the SNOW, go through our LINEZ, discuss ADMIN issues and, in my case, read some comics. It's funny - not doing so many gigs lately has been FINE, but I've really missed the opportunity that train travel provides to read COMICS!

We arrived in a very chilly Nottingham and hopped on a TRAM to Spanky Van Dyke's, a venue that I quickly realised I had played BEFORE, many moons ago - much discussion eventually revealed that it used to be called The Fair & Firkin, and The Validators had played there almost exactly THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, when we were on tour with Johnny Domino. I distinctly remember Mr FA Machine being surrounded by GURLS that night, Dr Kneel playing SYNTH, and I think it may have been the first time that Tom was ever addressed as "The Tiger". There should be a BLUE PLAQUE!

This time it was full of CHILDREN - well, teenagers at least. As more PALS arrived there was much discussion of how, IN OUR DAY, students didn't have enough CA$H to EAT, let alone EAT OUT, but here they all were, eating Sunday Roasts ("Ironic Sunday Roasts", as Mr S Metcalf put it) and drinking Jaeger Bombs. There were also some much YOUNGER children, in the form of ACTUAL children, including the sons of aforesaid Messrs Metcalf and Machine, who ended up PLAYING together (NB the children, not the gentlemen). I expect a band to be formed before the month is out.

There was a slight delay in getting upstairs as the Small Child running the bar had forgot to put ALL of our food orders in, but it was all fine as we got upstairs just in time to see Markie Does GirlPop - he claimed to be NERVOUS but it all came across as a GRATE bit of SCHTICK, especially when he was flipping through his book of SONGS saying "No, not that one, too hard." I told him he should keep it in the ACT!

I think I upset The House Engineer after that, by fiddling with LIGHTS, as it was DARK, but he soon sorted it out ready for Norbert And Daniel Dentrassangle, who was also ACE - lovely songs as heard on The PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album, including one about BINKER from the AA Milne poem which has been turned into a DIFFERENT song by Mr Chris T-T. "This is from a poem by AA Milne" said Dan. "WE KNOW" said me and Steve.

And then it was time to get going, and we got going pretty good - there were a couple of mistakes, which I think we covered up in a quite jolly way, especially when Steve said a Slightly Rude Word by accident, which I covered by saying something MUCH RUDER. It was a BIG old room to do it in, so there was HOARSENESS halfway through, but it all seemed to work out pretty well. Still a bit long, but I'm sure we'll fix that somehow.

Afterwards there was plenty of time for CHAT before we rolled down the hill to catch our train again. The journey home was slightly FRAUGHT by the train only having TWO working toilets, one of which contained a VERY ANGRY YOUTH avoiding paying for a ticket - I know this because when I knocked on the door he opened the door and SCREAMED at me... all three times I did it!

It was a lovely day out, a reminder that the NICEST thing about going off and doing gigs is meeting the SMASHING PALS that are there, especially the ever marvellous Mr Alexander Hale, who had BOOKED the whole thing. Thanks Alex, it was GRATE!

posted 18/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Tube Train Niceness
On the way home from work last night I stumbled into a scene which, if it had been on telly, would have sent the Daily Mail into APOPLEXY, for LO! it was a beautiful display of MULTICULTURAL BRITAIN (oh yes) being LOVELY.

I went down to the Central Line at Oxford Circus, at the back end of the train where I usually get on for going home, and saw a young London Underground employee standing with a rather old lady. He was mid-20s at most, Asian, with one of those under-chin beards. She was at least 90 and, it became clear as soon as she spoke, was OLD EAST END. A train came in but such a lot of people got off that there was no time to get her on, so he went off to speak to someone so the doors would stay open longer.

She was very frail so I went and stood with her - it was the height of RUSH HOUR and very busy, and she looked like she'd fall over from the BACKDRAFT of the next train, let alone PEOPLE. Another train came in and a lady nearby - early 30's, black (2nd/3rd generation Jamaican, I guessed) offered to help her on, but she said that the young man was coming back and didn't want to just pop off without him, so we waited.

When he arrived he said he was going to take her to the front of the train - this was all well and good, but it would have taken her about half an hour to get there. "That's no good for me!" she said, so he agreed to try and get her on. The next train came and he stepped forward "Sorry everyone", he called in, "I just need to get this lady on."

You know how everyone thinks LONDONERS are horrid and don't care about anyone else? That might sometimes be true, but in this instance we had a little bit of OLYMPIC SPIRIT as, in the middle of the rush hour, a huge GAP opened up leading her to a seat. The huge polish builder with his beer can in a bag (why do people put beer cans in bags? do they think it disguises them?) the (Italian I thought) man opposite, the French couple, ME, the LU guy and the woman on the seat next to her (late 20s, North African parents maybe?) all FOCUSED and made sure she got sat down, holding onto her as the train LURCHED forward and sliding her down to her seat.

She chatted ALL THE WAY to Leyton, where she was getting off - you could feel the TENSION rising in the carriage as we left Stratford as it was VERY CROWDED again, and you could see people POISED, ready to LEAP UP and get her off in time. Luckily the woman next to her was PREPARED, and LEAPT up as soon as we pulled in, calling out for space and, again, the great OCEAN OF COMMUTER parted.

Stood by the doors was another LU employee, an enormous Turkish-looking man, who greeted her and gently led her to the stairs. A sigh of relief whooshed through the UNITED NATIONS heading home, and we all returned to our newspapers, tablets, books and soduku, RELIEVED that it had all worked out all right. We could go back to pretending nobody else existed, safe in the knowledge that if it MATTERED, things might be different.

posted 15/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Future Developing
Two entirely seperate FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS were in progress yesterday, spanning (some of) the entire (nearly) length of our NATION.

Here in London's famous LONDON area of London Mr S Hewitt and I were working on our official registration for Total Hero Team at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We've now got details of our VENUE and an offer of DATES for this year, so all that remained was to debate our BLURB, our PICTURE, and Various Other Elements Of Registration. It's a simple, yet also Oddly Complicated, process, which I _think_ we have now completed. Here's the BLURB we'll be using:
Total Hero Team
MJ Hibbett (and Steve)/ PBH's Free Fringe

New two-man musical from the people behind Dinosaur Planet, Hey Hey 16K and Moon Horse, featuring superheroes, robots, pirates, kittens and a free badge. 'Like two drunk Dads getting up and singing at a barbecue' (Radio One)

This'll appear in the massive BROCHURE, alongside this rather lovely picture:

As we say in the show, "Good eh?"

Meanwhile, between London and Edinburgh in bucolic DERBY The Validators were back in the studio, recording basic tracks for "I Want To Find Out How It Ends", the THEME TUNE we're doing for A Brief History Of Time Travel. Reports indicate that the session was, and I quote, "GRATE" - the main theme was recorded, with some EXTRA BITS in it, along with several Instrumental Interludes. Once I get a rough copy of all this I'm going to do my lead vocals, GUITAR SOLO (OH YES) and whatever extras need to be done, then that'll go back to Derby for gluing together, the addition of Emma's vocals, and any extra BITS. Then we check it, mix it, and HO! we have a theme tune!

As well as these being used in the Podcast series ITSELF the current plan is for the theme tune, and an EP containing all the instrumentals, to be given to people who reached various GOALS in the Kickstarter Campaign. In addition to this, if the songs works out well, we're thinking we MIGHT release it as a single too when the show is released. We'll have to see how it goes, of course, but it does raise the tantalising prospect of doing a VIDEO too!

posted 12/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Space Invaders
On Sunday I met with Mr S Hewitt at Bally Studios for yet ANOTHER practice for Total Hero Team. "ANOTHER practice?" you might ask. "Is THAT why all your performances are so technically proficient, competent and smooth?"

If someone DID ask that I would smile humbly and say "Why yes, I suppose it is", but no-one ever DOES. I suppose the answer is so clear it does not need asking?

Anyway, I was five minutes or so late, and arrived to find Steve stood outside our usual room. When he'd arrived he'd found a group of YOUNGSTERS in there, who'd begged a couple of minutes to finish off and, being KIND HEARTED as he is, and knowing that I'd be a little late, he said "Yes, of course".

This SORT OF seemed OK to me, though I must admit my BAND ALARM was already going off. "No Mark", I thought, "be not cynical! These youngsters will be coming out in a minute or so, thanking us for our understanding and general KINDLINESS." I wandered round the corner for a cup of tea - one of the many MANY excellent things about Bally is that they make you a FREE CUP OF TEA - but when I came back they'd STILL not exited. We discussed a couple of ADMIN ISSUES by which time it was getting towards 2.15pm and enough was, not to put too fine a point on it, enough.

Thus I strode into the room to find the young scamps NOT packing up or making ready to leave, but STILL PRACTICING! Fifteen minutes into OUR time! In the full knowledge that someone else was DEFINITELY coming in afterwards! I was MILDLY ANNOYED to say the least, and spoke GRUFFLY with them. "Come on, you're taking the piss now", I said, STERNLY, "We were meant to be in here at 2pm." They looked about 16 - and thus could well be in their THIRTIES for all I am a judge of such thing - but they FRIGHTED and quickly started packing stuff away. One of the TRANSFERABLE SKILLS you get in bands is the ability to pack up QUICK, so it was quite sweet to see how INEPT they were at it, being at an early stage, though this may have been because I sat down, GLARING, at them, unpacking OUR gear. Another of these transferable skills is the ability to know when someone will CONTINUE to take the piss if you let them.

As they left they tried to be NICE, saying "Enjoy your practice" and so forth. Steve answered, but i continued to GLARE - it is, I think, a LIFE LESSON for them, for LO! next time they try to mess around like this it could be with someone HORRID who will DUFF THEM UP or (more likely) NICK stuff off them, rather than give them a Stern Look. It did RILE me up tho - "Grumpy Hibbett!" said Steve, as memories DECADES OLD of similar events coursed through me.

Five minutes later Steve popped out to the LOO. On the way he saw that the youngsters were STILL stood outside the door, trying to work out how they were going to pay for the practice. Bands! They were EVER THUS!

The practice itself was a whole LOT of fun, though we did get invaded YET AGAIN about halfway through, when someone BURST into the room. "Oh!" he said, suddenly confronted with me in a bowler hat, Steve wearing a cap and PANTS on his head, and both of us talking to FUFU THE FUTURE KITTEN. "They said nobody was in here". "Just us three," i smiled, Fufu waving. He FLED.

posted 11/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Character Mapping
Last night was a school night - on Wednesday we ALTERNATE between two modules, "Dramatic Writing" and "Storytelling". The former is ACE but the latter has been a bit... well, let's just say "less ace". Or "often rubbish". It's a big lecture that we share with all the other Creative Writing courses, and it has a mix of people from different backgrounds talking. Sometimes it's vaguely interesting (although usually whatever we learn gets repeated in our other classes anywhere), but often it's pretty pointless. It's been noticeable that NUMBERS attending have dropped off through the year - it used to be a FITE for space in the lecturer theatre, now there is SPACE APLENTY!

So I was surprised when I arrived yesterday to find the room almost FULL. Someone told me that the speaker was Highly Prestigious and it was usually EXPENSIVE to attend her courses, and this was reinforced when our lecturer, clearly THRILLED,introduced her.

And BLOW ME DOWN but it was AMAZING! The speaker was Laurie Hutzler talking about "The Emotional Toolbox For Writers" and yes, I know, it sounds like it's going to be a very American psychotherapy style thing that would make you cringe. And it sort of WAS - but also FANTASTIC. She STORMED into the lecture, wandering the room, throwing out statements, making REMARKS and generally being GRATE! It was like being lectured by my Auntie Christine on a MISSION. If a British person had given the talk it would have been full of caveats and apologies but she ROCKED ON THROUGH and thus, I thought, getting a lot more information across a lot more convincingly.

Or to put it another way: I SURRENDERED by MASK of British Cynicism and took a LEAP OF FAITH towards my TRUE SELF of ... um... agreeing with her. For LO! the main part of the talk was about Character Mapping, which had DIAGRAMS and ARROWS and all of the words above. It looked a bit POTTY to start with and I think we all EDGED AWAY from it to begin with, but the more she explained it the more convincing it was. She was describing a way to develop characters for films, and how these characters then completely drove the PLOT. When she got to the point of explaining how this all worked I thought I could actually SEE the diagram start to CHUG, with everything springing into action.

It was SO GOOD that I actually TYPED UP my notes this morning - something I have NEVER done before, but i wanted to preserve the knowledge and try it out. Reading it all back, with the STATEMENTS and QUOTATIONS (when she said something important she said it TWICE so a) we knew b) could write it down, which was IMMENSELY helpful) it did read a bit like I'd attended an ALPHA COURSE meeting or something, with the exhortations towards FAITH and TRUE SELF and such like, but it still felt very exciting. And CRUMBS, when I actually USED the system to work out a character for my next bit of homework, it worked AMAZINGLY well. Suddenly the whole story was THERE, all based on a vague idea of what they might be like.

I'm a bit WHOOZY with all the BRANE FILLING that went on - I pity the poor person who has to do the NEXT lecture in this series, they've got a BIG ACT to follow!

posted 7/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Featured Tracks
The PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN for the PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album is chugging along quite nicely at the moment - lots of people have tweeted about it, or put it in blogs, or plugged it on facebook, which is all jolly good. In fact, I think more people have MENTIONED it than have actually BOUGHT it, but hopefully this will change fairly soon - I do HEARTILY recommend a download, it's DEAD GOOD, honest!

So, in order to get this moving a bit more, and on the advice of Mr Dave Green, I'm going to be doing a FEATURED TRACK on twitter every day until I've DONE them all, and we're going to start with THIS rather wonderful song from Pete Weiss & the Rock Band - Emahgerd!

Excitingly this track has a BRAND NEW VIDEO to go with it, which you can view below:

GRATE, isn't it? And just imagine - you can get that AND 35 other ace tracks for just a FIVER! Go on, you know you want to!

posted 5/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Popfest Weekend
It was London Popfest this weekend, and it was a HECK of a do! On Saturday I rolled into town to The 100 Club for the main all-dayer, also known as "The final Standard Fare Gig EVER". Everyone was, I think, prepared for EMOTION, but in the mean time there was some ROCK ACTION. Watching MARTHA I thought "Everything is going to be FINE" for LO! they were a right noisy, tune-packed JOY to watch. There was much MOSHING at the front... although of a dignified, Over-30 manner.

Much of the rest of the day involved CHAT (there were a LOT of pals from around the nation, it was like an Indietracks on the TUBE), BEER and ... er... well, that was mostly it, until Standard Fare took to the stage and were BLOODY AMAZING. I mean, they always are, but on Saturday night they sounded TERRIFIC. They also sounded CHATTY - I think there were more onstage REMARKS made at this gig than at ALL the MANY other times I have seen them put together. They also finished PROPERLY by standing centre stage for a HUG and a BOW after their encore. MANY were the photographs taken - they will be very very much missed!

On Sunday I was up with the (late rising) LARK and back into town by 1pm for the traditional Popfest QUIZ with Mrs S Hewitt. This was the FIFTH year we'd done the Sunday quiz, and I must say I think it was the BEST. There was a full house of many TEAMS and we'd got the balance right, I think, between HARD questions, EASY questions, and TITTING ABOUT. I very much enjoyed the astounded LOOKS on the faces of latecomers when they came in during the Kazoo And Swannee Whistle Round. Maybe next time though I should double-check the answers, as a couple DID have to go to Steward's (Wikipedia's) Enquiry, and were found to be WRONG. Still, the same team won as ever, everyone got prizes, and I got rid of some more unsold... I mean, COLLECTORS EDITION CDs from my discography.

I had a bit of a sit down and NATTER after that, but we were soon off once more for the Phoenix on Cavendish Square to attend a bit of the Peter Buckley-Hill Birthday All-Dayer, which was rather ACE. We lurked about for an hour watching various comedians, but THE GREAT MAN HIMSELF was far and away the funniest - especially when he did the thing where he starts a song going "Oooooooh!" and the whole crowd instinctively join in. It was ACE!

It was an ACE weekend in general really - though crikey, I'm glad it only happens once a year, it was EXHAUSTING!

posted 4/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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PBH Free Fringe Album is GO!
Today's the big day - the PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album is available to download RIGHT NOW, and it is BLOODY GRATE!

I emailed all my favourite acts asking for tracks, and a HUGE number of them said "YES", making it an incredible NINETY SEVEN MINUTES of music. Here's the full tracklisting:
01A Fine Day For SailingTell Him The Truth
02Pete Weiss & the Rock BandErmahgerd
03Model VillageThey Don't Know
04August ActuallyCarry Your Good Name
05Haiku SalutLos Elefantes
06Chris T-TAt The Zoo (A.A. Milne)
07CJ WadsworthWhen Do I Start?
08Fakebit PolytechnicWhy Can’t I Be Like Lee Coombs? (Original Mix)
09FrankieMachineMy Perfect Valentine
10Peter Buckley HillLove Of The Comedy People
11Daniel & Norbert DentressangleOnion Ring (He Couldn't Wait for Warrington)
12Helen ArneyWhen You're A Crab
13James SummerfieldNervous Dancer
14The Bobby McGeesDebbie
15The Mini SkipsThe Foghorn Song
16Matt TillerThe Plymouth Hotel
17PlugMagnetic South
18Paul MorriconeDecember
19The WeisstronautsTruck Drivin'
20The Hector CollectorsMiddleclass 90s Student
21The 10p Mixes10p Mix
22John OtwayPoetry And Jazz
23The UnderstudiesErika K
24Keith Top Of The PopsJust Want You Back
25The Spearmint SeaTwo
26Lazarus ClampDirty Names
27The Just JoansFriday Afternoons
28LardponyFace Like An Android
29Sunny IntervalsCounting The Days Back To You
30Being 747Do The Maths
31Tim EveleighPerfect
32Sool & Inverse RoomThe Door Blows Open
33The PlimptonsImpulse Records (1970 - 2000)
34World Of FoxBad Apple
35Standard FarePhiladelphia
36MJ Hibbett (and Steve)Do It Yourself
Pretty amazing, right? There's lots of BRAND NEW tracks - some recorded especially for the compilation (including a new song from me and Steve and the first Lardpony song in FIVE YEARS), so dug out of the VAULTS, alternate versions of HITS (like the Just Joans and Standard Fare songs), PREVIEWS of material from forthcoming albums, rarities and... well, all MANNER of goodness!

And, as I keep saying, it's all for a fantastic cause - The Free Fringe is a BRILLIANT organisation that allows people who AREN'T bog standard posh, male, stand-up comedians OR TV types to have a platform at the Fringe - it's basically the Comedy version of INDIE! It doesn't charge acts ANYTHING to put on shows, but it needs CA$H to put out their big listings brochure, so I would be EXTREMELY grateful to EVERYONE who forks out for this.

Go on! It's only a fiver and it sounds AMAAAAZING!

posted 1/3/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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