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Blog Archive: June 2013

A Century Of Mailings
I've just finished sending out the ONE HUNDREDTH issue of our newsletter, The Last Working Day Of The Month. A hundred issues! Crikey! I started it as a nice easy way to tell people about gigs without having to hassle everyone every week, but it's ended up being one of my favourite aspects of ROCK. I always look forward to sitting down on the last working day and sending it out to 900 people in gmail-acceptable chunks of 50 - it feels PROPER to do it by hand, rather than using an APP or something, it feels more FRIENDLY this way!

It's a HECK of a batch of news this time, including a TONNE of gigs, full details of the AMAZING Tribute Album It Only Works Because You're Hibbett (now available to DOWNLOAD or BUY hard copies of from Show Yr In Love's Bandcamp page) and the long threatened album of ME covering OTHER people's songs, Like A Braunstone Cowboy.

There's a LOAD more stuff to read about and it's been a WHOLE lot of fun putting this one together, as it has been every month. Thanks very VERY much to everyone who reads it, hope this one brings as much DELIGHT as it did for me writing it!

posted 28/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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I was really looking forward to Hibbettfest this year - myself and Mr S Hewitt would be doing Total Hero Team, The Towns In My District was coming along for the first time, and it looked like a whole PILE of pals would be there. Little did I know, however, that it would be The Best Hibbettfest EVER.

I realised things were going to be different as soon as I entered Ray's Mum And Dad's House, to see two VALIDATORS, Mr T Pattison and Mr T McClure waiting there. It was, of course, delightful to see them, but they'd never been before, and there were various other people around who were new to the event. I mean, it's a GRATE day out and I would heartily suggest EVERYONE comes along, but there were quite a lot more than usual.

We were greeted by our host, Mr R Kirkham, and had various chats and beers until everyone gathered in the back garden. Ray welcomed everyone to Hibbettfest - we all cheered! He said that the event was about ME - I CHEERED - and then suddenly produced a pile of CDs. I can't remember his exact words because it was All A Bit Much, but basically he said that this was the LAUNCH of a BRAND NEW CD featuring loads of people covering my songs (as blogged seperately a couple of days ago).

I could NOT believe it - that anybody would think to do such a wonderful thing, but also that so many of my PALS could be involved in it and not ONE of them let slip that it was happening! Ray told me there were 300 CDs, all PROPERLY, GORGEOUSLY made, and as I read down the tracklist I found myself, for once in my life, utterly SPEECHLESS. Also unusually, I was hugely aware of everyone LOOKING at me - usually this is what i like MOST, but I found myself OVERWHELMED and, another first, asked them to stop!!

It really was utterly amazing - I've still not really fully come to terms with it all - and I staggered around in a bit of a STATE for the rest of the day, not wholly, for once, because of BEER. We enjoyed the FINE BUFFET, people snuck up and told me which songs were their favourites (apparently everyone involved had been on a Secret Facebook Group together!) and I hugged as many of them as I could catch.

Then, around 3.30pm, it was SHOWTIME, and we began with a short set by The Cleator Moor Validators - the plan had originally been to have ALL The Validators there, I was told, but Frankie's car had EXPIRED that very morning and Emma had become otherwise engaged, so it was just the three of us who rattled through The Lesson Of The Smiths and Easily Impressed. It was a LOT of fun!

And then it was Total Hero Team time! This was the first proper outing for the new improved SHORTER version, and it was MUCH better, although we STILL had a bit of panic during the first 10 minutes as we got a bit confused about where we were. As Steve later commented, the more we cut out the bits we don't know, the easier it gets!

After all that there was a few minutes for some BOOZE and some GRUB before we all piled into two buses into TOWN. When we arrived I dropped The Pint In My Pint Glass off at the station before heading back for a couple of CHARMING hours in the pub, having a RIGHT old natter to various pals before copying Steve and buying myself a TRANE BEER for the way back. UNLIKE Steve I didn't remember to bring said TRANE BEER with me, so ended up WITHOUT on the long journey home... which, to be honest, was probably for the best. I also forgot to pick up a big pile of CDs which I'd promised to give to some of the contributors for the album, almost as if BOOZE had been involved somewhere!

I got home to find that the CD was NOT a dream and really existed. I still can't believe it - being FLATTERED doesn't begin to cover it, it feels wonderful to know that so many ACE people spent so long doing this, and it's also good to report that it sounds GRATE! Hey! It would, right? There's some fabulous versions on there and I can't WAIT for people outside it all to be able to have a listen - Ray's hoping to get it ready this week, so I shall OF COURSE pass on news when I hear some.

In the meantime though I'd like to express an entirely HEARTFELT and HUGE thanks to everyone who was part of it, it means an ENORMOUS amount to me. Thanks you guys!

posted 26/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Top Hat
I had a RIGHT swanky night out on Friday - The Songs In My Show had got us tickets to go and see Top Hat in London's Fashionable West End for my BIRTHDAY. We'd also got my parents similar tickets for my step-daddy's birthday, so the four of us met up after work at Kings Cross and started our SWANKINESS by getting a TAXI! To THE SAVOY!

I know! We went to The American Bar for COCKTAILS - on the rare occasions when I've been to PROPER POSH places the main thing I have taken away is that you can TELL when somewhere is PROPER posh because it's always REALLY nice - everyone there was LOVELY, everyone except for a lady who OPENLY SNEERED when she asked me if I'd like an Olive OR a slice in my MARTINI (i am dead swish) and, being half deaf, I said "Yes please!" She should have phrased her question more clearly!

Duly COCKTAILED we wandered round the corner to the Aldwych for the show. We had ACE tickets RIGHT down the front, and so got to spend the first few minutes GOGGLING at the conductor, who spent the entire show DANCING around and GRINNING, he was GRATE! ALso GRATE was the show itself - it was a right proper old-fashioned musical with HUGE songs and a TONNE of tap dancing. It was weird watching Actual Live Tap Dancing - I think I'm so used to seeing tap dancing on TELLY that it feels like part of the stage set, so to suddenly be confronted with it HAPPENING right there in front of my eyes took some getting used to. It looked INCREDIBLE!

It was a whole lot of fun, also STUNNING. I was particularly impressed to keep noticing that all KINDS of things were going on all over the set - whatever was happening at the front of stage, there'd usually be people in the background ACTING AWAY, seeming to take part in whole other stories that we knew nothing off. I'm used to going to see things a lot more SPARSE, so it was lovely to wallow in the LUXURIOUSNESS of a full-on West End extravaganza!

It was ACE, and when we finished we got in ANOTHER taxi back to Kings Cross for a pint in the lovely Parcel Yard, the ridiculously pleasant station pub. I'm sure station pubs used to be horrid, but this one is lovely. It was a MARVELLOUS end to a rather wonderful evening, at the end of which we agreed to do it all again for me and Chris's birthdays NEXT year. I cannae WAIT!

posted 25/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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A Tribute Album Of My Very Own
It's been an ENORMOUS weekend during which I have done LOADS, but before I talk about any of them I really have to mention THIS:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is "It Only Works Because You're Hibbett", a tribute album TO ME!! With LOADS of my favourite people doing MY songs - LOOK! Here's who's on it!
Born With The Century - Vom Vorton
Hey Hey 16K - Fakebit Polytechnic
The Peterborough All Saints Wide Game Team (group B) - & The Validators
Bands From London (are shit) - The Fighting Cocks
(Insert Title Here) - Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band
The Back Of The Sofa - The Hector Collectors
Easily Impressed - August Actually
Billy Jones Is Dead - Frankie Machine
Red And White Sockets - Joan Hett Overdrive
Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer - Daniel & Norbert Dentressangle
The Fight For History - Skint & Demoralised
The Lesson Of The Smiths - The Mini Skips
We Only Ever Meet In Church - Chris T-T with The Metropolitans
It Only Works Because You're Here - Gavin Osborn
Not Yet - Owen Tromans
A Very Special Relationship - Geoffrey and The Livingstones
We Did It Anyway - The Plimptons

I had absolutely NO IDEA that such a thing existed - it was all put together IN SECRET by the marvellous Mr Ray Kirkham who handed me 20 copies of it in the back garden of his parents' house at Hibbettfest over the weekend, and I was COMPLETELY STUNNED. So STUNNED, in fact, that for possibly the first time in my life I asked people to STOP LOOKING AT ME as I struggled to take it all in - it's basically nearly ALL my Pals In ROCK spending the past year or two NOT TELLING me that they were all DOING this!

Since getting home I have listened to it three times and it gets MORE AMAZING each time I do so. When I saw the tracklisting I assumed that everyone had quickly knocked something up but GOODNESS ME NO, there are some ENORMOUS versions of songs on there that have clearly taken AGES to do. I was astonished and VERY PLEASED INDEED.

Ray is going to make copies of the album available for sale, and will be doing an Electronical Download too, so you'll be able to hear them soon, but in the meantime here's a whole VIDEO from Geoffrey and The Livingstones to keep you going:

posted 24/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Up Pompeii
On Friday night I met with my pal Mrs A Bates and went to see the Life And Death In Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition at the British Museum. It was AMAZING.

As you're probably aware Pompeii and Herculaneum were two towns engulfed in volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, preserving huge amounts of everyday items for nearly two thousand years. Apparently nearly all of our understanding of normal life in Ancient Rome comes from this site, as it was full of general STUFF from ordinary people's houses just left lying around.

It was MIND BLOWING! The first 90 minutes of the exhibition were spent wandering around gazing as all kinds of everyday items that were eerily close to things we still have, like chairs or taps or kitchen implements that looked like you could just pick them up and use them now. My favourite thing of this type was a hand painted election poster that had been found still on the wall from a poll that had happened a few weeks before the eruption. It just said "Vote for this chap, he's ace", again, exactly as if it had been painted a couple of weeks ago. Except in Latin, obviously.

There were a LOT of frescoes - pictures painted straight onto the walls of homes and businesses - and these were hilariously every day and casual. The BEST were a) a (basically) four picture comic strip from the wall of a pub showing a fighting breaking out and an annoyed landlady and b) a scene at a PARTY where the hostess, lounging on a sofa, says "Get comfy everybody, I'm going to sing" and someone on another sofa replies "You go for it!" These were the actual OFFICIAL translations too!

Some of this was a little ODD to modern eyes - the Romans were PENIS MAD and enjoyed little more, it scenes, than slapping a cock and balls onto any item "for good luck". One section was devoted to "erotic Rome" and featured some EYE WATERINGLY RUDE pictures which, apparently, came from somebody's garden room. We might enjoy bird tables or perhaps some IVY in our gardens, the Romans preferred to gaze upon a nude young lady tugging off a suitably relaxed young gentleman.

And then there was the statue of the god PAN "making love" to a Nanny Goat. As I stood AGHAST, unable to tear my eyes away from it, a young boy aged about 10 wandered past with his Official Guide Headphones and took in the whole scene. I fear for his future development!

So yes, it was interesting and generally HILARIOUS as we DELIGHTED in These Crazy Romans and how very very much like us they were. It thus came as a massive PUNCH IN THE GUTS when we got to the very end of the exhibition and were suddenly confronted with THE ACTUAL ROMANS. When the site was first discovered the archaeologists found cavities in the ash which had been formed when the bodies of the townspeople had decomposed over the centuries. By filling these with plaster of Paris they were able to create copies of the actual Romans at the moment of their death. Thus, we found ourselves looking at a whole family who had been trapped in their house, clenched with the paint of the heat, or a woman frozen in ash as she tried to escape, or the shape of a man huddled behind a door.

Suddenly you were forced to see not just the items they had left behind but the actual people themselves who had died in the disaster. It was an incredible moment and a fantastic way to end an utterly brilliant exhibition. I had to go and buy a postcard of Drunken Hercules Having A Wee in the gift shop to try and get over the shock of it all, and then we went to the PUB!

They're having a right good run of GRATE exhibitions at the moment, as this followed on from the BRANE MANGLING Ice Age exhibition we went to a couple of months ago. If you're around and can get tickets I'd heartily recommend a visit, it is ACE!.

posted 17/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Quite A Day
I had Quite A Day yesterday. It started when I got to work to find my computer was KNACKERED. The day before - a Wonderful Wednesday - our computer chaps had run some Windows Updates on it, while I was Working From Home, and, as so often happens, this had DONE FOR my machine. One of them came back to try and fix it, so I nipped downstairs to the ULU Pool for a SWIM.

Upon emerging from the pool, having SWUM, I realised that I had forgotten my TOWEL. What do you DO in a situation like this? It turns out that PUSHING water doesn't really work very well, so I dried AREAS off with a spare t-shirt, and then ended up being on of those old blokes you sometimes see in GYM changing rooms, stood drying themselves off with the hairdryer. I always thought they were just WEIRD, now I think maybe they are just FORGETFUL. It was actually Quite Pleasant!

I got back to find my computer GONE, so spent a happy half hour doing PUZZLER (i like Puzzler) before being told it was going to take AGES to fix, so headed off back home again. I was, however, due out AGANE that evening so, after some POTTERING ... i mean, WORKING, I got the tube to Liverpool Street and wandered up Bishopgate to meet Mr S Hewitt. We were due to go to Phoenix FM that evening, but had arranged to meet up beforehand to do LINES (NB from Total Hero Team not DRUGS, obv).

We met in a "new" pub called The Crown And Shuttle, just between The City and Shoreditch. Its location meant it was RAMMED with BOTH Shoreditch Tossers AND City Wankers, more the latter than the former though at the time we met. HOWEVER the pub itself, and the staff and many other drinkers were all REALLY nice - the building had been derelict for YEARS but they've renovated it dead nicely (similar to pubs like The Red Lion round my way, all bare brick and bits dropping off, but CLEAN) and they had some DELICIOUS (if EXPENSIVE - 4.40 a pint!!) beer. You're always going to get OAFS and TWITS in that sort of area, but it's VERY good to know there is at least a decent pub there!

Having had a couple of BEERS and gone through the Revised Show (as with last week, we're making an effort to get properly to GRIPS with the shortened dialogue) we went and got a TRANE to distant BRENTWOOD, where we were due on the Eddie Curry show on Phoenix FM. Upon arrival we got a TAXI out to their new studios, and when we told the taxi driver what we were up to he tuned into the station. I've only ever heard it via the interweb before, it was EXCITING to hear it on Actual FM Radio!

The excitement CONTINUED when we got the The Brentwood Center, a 1970's vintage Proper Old Fashioned Leisure Centre (much like The Deepings Leisure Centre where I spent MANY HOURS as a child). They were ALSO playing Phoenix FM in the reception area - which means that, a few short minutes later, me and Steve would be BOOMING OUT throughout the building!

We got directions and went and found Eddie/Paul in his new studio. This was about the eighth or ninth time I've been to see him, and it's AMAZING to see how far he's come. The first few times I went to Brentwood he had a Community Licence, enabling him to broadcast for a couple of weeks a year from a tiny little room in a Community Centre. Now he's the full-time controller of an actual real life commercial radio station broadcasting all day every day! As he said, he had a mid-life crisis and he's making it work!

After a bit of chat we got set up and then went on air for ANOTHER bit of a chat, about the history of our shows and what this one's all about also. Here's a picture of us JUST about to do so:

NONE MORE ROCK! Amongst the verbiage we played Get Over It (apologies to any Brentwood residents whose speakers BLEW when I began the song at FULL BELLOW), I'm So Much Cleverer Than You and I Want The World To Stop, and it all seemed to go off pretty darn well. We finished up about nine o'clock, shook hands, and headed off back into the night for another taxi, a train, and then another train (Steve) and a walk home from Maryland (me).

It had, all in all, been Quite A Day. But quite a GRATE one!

posted 14/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Ebay Funtimes
I'm having one of my periodic comics clearouts on Ebay at the moment, so hey! if you've ever wanted to own something as uniquely pointless as "Fear Itself: The Deep", EXCLUSIVELY OWNED BY ME, then now is your chance!

This first batch of auctions closed last night, with more coming over the next four or five weeks. EXCITINGLY one of this week's comics sold for MORE than I actually paid for it! All right, the other TWENTY went for a HECK of a lot less, but still: in six weeks time I hope to have a whole TWO shelves cleared and literally TENS of pounds returned to me. If I could get these sort of results for Forest Moon Of Enderby i would be VERY happy!

I've installed an eBay APP on my phone this time around, so last night's tea was soundtracked by it BUZZING every three minutes when an auction ended. Rather wonderfully, every time you SELL something on eBay you also get an EMAIL from them which starts "You did it!" It makes the whole thing feel like Personal Development, so I took to prancing around the kitchen each time such an email came in, saying "YES! I did it!" It was fun for EVERYONE.

This morning I made the first of MANY trips to the post office to send off lots of LOTS to succesful purchasers, and am so far enjoying it all a GRATE deal, and have reached the stage where I think "Maybe I'll sell ALL my comics! And those old vinyl albums! And loads of CDs!" I always feel like this right at the start of the clearing/selling process, as my BRANE forgets that there's still at least six weeks to go, which will doubtless feature a few ARSEY types who'll complain about postage costs and refuse to pay for weeks on end. I know that Post Office trips will PALE after a few weeks too, and I'm fully aware that when it all finally comes to a close, hopefully BEFORE we head up to Edinburgh, it will be a MIGHTY RELIEF.

For now though I am EBAY HAPPY - batten down your belongings, I might be round to try and FLOG them later!

posted 10/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Media Campaign AHOY
Now that Edinburgh Fringe Programme is officially out it's time for us to begin plotting our MEDIA CAMPAIGN. As usual this is going to involve sending out a press release, which will then be SUBTLY RETOOLED for other mailing lists for the other Fringes we're playing at. Over the past week or so I've been preparing our EPIC EPISTLE and, now that it's been approved by BOTH Mr S Hewitt and The PR Department (AKA The Contact Details On My Business Card) I can UNVEIL it for your enjoyment and information, THUS:

3-17 August at 6pm daily as part of PBH's Free Fringe.
The Dram House (formerly Wilkie House Upstairs / GRV)
37 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JG

Ignore Thor, avoid The Avengers and snub The Man Of Steel - this year's Edinburgh Fringe has its own team of super-powered protectors: Total Hero Team!

'Total Hero Team' is a brand new two-man rock opera about superheroes starring MJ Hibbett (and Steve), the people who brought you the Dinosaur destruction of Peterborough in 2010's 'Dinosaur Planet' and the truth behind the moon landings in 2011's 'Moon Horse VS The Mars Men Of Jupiter'. They didn't do a show in 2012 because Steve was in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. "It was much the same as one of our shows", he says, "except with more people and slightly less ukulele."

'Total Hero Team' features 12 brand new songs by MJ Hibbett who, along with his band The Validators, has performed live on Radio One, had a Record Of The Year in Rolling Stone, an Album Of The Day on 6Music, toured all around the world, and very narrowly avoided writing an autobiography. He's probably best known, however, for 'Hey Hey 16K', the world's first ever internet viral hit.

As with previous shows, the duo play all the roles between them, using just a few hats and a couple of props from novelty shops to create an hour of thrill power which, according to Radio One, is both "like two dads getting up at a barbecue and singing some songs" and "amazing".

There's also a free badge and CD for everyone who attends you don't get that from Iron Man!

I think that works quite well, and am ENTIRELY CONFIDENT that it'll lead to HUGE FEATURES in all daily newspapers, sunday supplements and TV Arts Shows. We start sending them out next week, so keep an ear on Radio 4, me and/or Steve will doubtless be ALL OVER it!

posted 6/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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A Mid-Season Tweak
Last night myself and Mr S Hewitt met up in the ever delightful Bally Studios for a bit of a mid-season TWEAK.

As I've said before, inrecent performances of Total Hero Team I've noticed the return of some of the LULLS we used to get during live Dinosaur Planet shows. Nothing AWFUL, just bits where things went a bit QUIET, especially during shows in larger venues and/or where people hadn't necessarily come EXPECTING to see an hour long two-man rock opera (YES such places EXIST, KRAZY as it sounds). Part of this was due to us both getting a bit LOST in the script - where we'd wavered away from the lines and were sort of paddling back towards them, saying two long sentences to try and get the right meaning instead of the short single one it was meant to be. Another part was due to the fact that their SHOULD have been a short single sentence (or indeed NO SENTENCE) but I'd written several long waffly ones instead!

Thus I had a PRUNE of the script last week, removing the aforesaid waffly bits and, mostly, taking out some of the Extra Plots that I'd RAMMED in late last year when I was doing Theatre on my course. This was stuff like the (SPOILERS) United Statesman / Womandroid relationship which, it turns out, might need loads of LINEZ and stuff for a PLAY, but can be done with the usual HIGH CONCEPT ACTING (hem hem) in a two-man rock opera.

We were in a DIFFERENT rehearsal room from the one we're usually in (this one had 90's bands all over the walls, as opposed to Motown Acts from the 60's - i expect that further down the corridor they feature The Music Of The Future) but once we'd got over THAT (the ceiling was higher too! It was WEIRD!) we settled down to go through the script. By heck, it was ENORMOUS FUN! We read through each Talky Session, discussing the changes and, where applicable, changing them a) BACK to how they'd developed in Live Performance or b) to something a bit more sensible. We even did some DIRECTION, working out NEW BITS, and generally DELIGHTING in the fact that loads of it works MUCH better with great CHUNKS lopped out.

Now full of new CONFIDENCE we then RECORDED it all - again, just the talky bits, as the songs are pretty much FINE - and amended the script accordingly, so that we'd have a TOTALLY CORRECT version we could listen to OR read through, depending on MOOD. It all sounded pretty darn good, also SNAPPY!

I know Actual Comedians go through this kind of process every year, developing their shows as they go along, and I did wonder whether they do this sort of mid-term assessment, but I've just realised they totally DO. Everything I've ever read about "How To Do Comedy" tells them to RECORD themselves, LISTEN to it, and work out what's going well and what isn't. I guess that's what we've just done!

We also decided that another SHOW in London might be a good idea, sometime between Hibbettfest and Buxton, just to get us TONED UP. I'm going to try and book it tomorrow, stand by for ANNOUNCEMENT!

posted 5/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Back To The Olympic Site
The Winners On My Podium and I were up DEAD early on Saturday, to head off to the Olympic Park. The aforesaid Runners In My Race had won a competition for tickets to a "Park In Progress" tour, which turned out to be a brief jaunty bus trip to (and trip UP) The Red Squiggle (aka The Arcelor Mittal Orbit, which sounded oddly like "Arseholometer" when pronounced by guides.

Talking of whom - everywhere we went, from getting given HARD HATS and HIGH VIS JACKETS (exciting!) at the start to the guides, bus drivers, and lift operators, we were greeted by DELIGHTFUL young people wherever we went. This was probably the best thing of the whole visit - your Young People these days get a RIGHT hard time for being unruly and wearing Foolish Trousers, but EVERYONE we met was absolutely LOVELY. It fair made our middle-aged hearts burst with PRIDE for our Local Youth!

Going up the squiggle itself was dead good too - you get an AMAZING view, and it was wonderful to see the Stadium up close again and get a BOOST of the JOY we had last summer. It was a bit like going on a sun bed or something, a brief RUSH of happiness as we remembered how brilliant it had all been. The actual sculpture itself reminded me of the ATOMIUM in Brussels, with its dinky little exhibitions, marvellous views, and overall feeling of something built for an EVENT that was too COOL to take down again afterwards.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around Westfields and environs, eating, drinking, and PURCHASING things, like one of those Normal Couples you hear about. It was good fun, I think it might catch on!

posted 4/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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Fringe Programmes
I was working from home on Thursday, so was present when this year's Edinburgh Fringe programme arrived. It was all VERY EXCITING, especially when I found our entry on page 165. It's official: we're DEFINITELY going!

There's been a bit of a FLURRY of Us Definitely Playing At Fringe Festivals this past week, as the various festivals get their various websites and programmes launched. As stated, we're definitely at Edinburgh, and you can read our entry on the official webpage. We're also doing the Camden Fringe again, and LOOK! here we are on their system too, with our traditional Friday and Saturday spots on the 23rd and 24th August.

Before all THOSE, however, we're at the Buxton Fringe on the 13th (evening) and 14th (afternoon) July, then off to Greater Manchester Fringe for an evening show on the 14th too.

Seeing it all in PRINT is jolly exciting, though I must admit that the BEST bit so far has been going through the Edinburgh Fringe programme CIRCLING other people's shows. So far most of the things I'm interested in seem to be on about 2pm, which bodes well for LIE-INS pre-show and LURKING IN PUBS post-show, my FAVOURITE things to do whilst up there. Having last year off means that going again THIS year feels like a long dreamt of return to an old holiday destination... which is pretty much what it is. Oh Edinburgh! With your pubs, your curries, your long lie-ins and all also all that comedy/music/theatre stuff! In two short months we shall be heading your way again for the aforesaid beer/curries/HILLS etc etc and I cannot WAIT!

posted 3/6/2013 by MJ Hibbett
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