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Blog Archive: May 2017

Anti-Hunting Marching
Bank Holiday Monday found myself and The People On My Protest taking another tentative step back into normal life when we zoomed into Central London to take part in the Anti-Hunting March. We both very much wanted to be at this one - it's FLIPPING RIDICULOUS that in 2017 anyone could even THINK about legalising it again, when they should be enforcing the existing ban on this hateful practice - so even though I was still technically A Bit Poorly off we headed.

The march was due to start at noon, but we are OLD HANDS at this sort of thing and rolled up at 12:45pm to find we had plenty of time still to pop to the loo and get some grub before the speeches even began. As ever we had Dominic Dyer ROUSING the ENORMOUS crowd... and then a succession of other people who we couldn't hear properly wittering on. It always ENRAGES me that this happens - if I was going to talk to several thousand people I might THINK about what I was going to say BEFORE going on, and possibly not repeat what others have said before and/or wander off topic WILDLY and not know when to stop. I have said it before, but there really needs to be an Course for Activists Speaking At Public Meetings!

Once the actual MARCH got going though it was GRATE. We'd been warned that the walking would be a bit slow, but a CRACKING pace was set and we fair STOMPED through central London. Usually, when we've done Badger marches, people look a bit puzzled, but this time there was a LOT of people applauding and giving the thumbs up. Full disclosure: we spent most of the march walking behind a lady with a Corgi, who EVERYONE wanted to pat as it passed by, but I did get the impression that Public Feeling was on our side.

After an hour we landed just outside Downing Street where there was shouting, more similar speeches, and general milling about. During the speeches a couple of VERY interesting points were made THUS: 1) the reason Theresa May has put a vote on Hunting in her manifesto is that she needs funding and campaigning teams from The Countryside Alliance and 2) there has been a MASSIVE cover-up to hide the fact that Hunting Hounds are often RIDDLED with TB and it could be that Fox Hunting, no Badgers, actually CAUSES disease in cattle. Apparently there's a LETTER being published about it later this week, which hopefully will get into the election debate.

I'm very hopeful that, even if the Tories DO win and DO allow a vote, even Tory MPs are not stupid/hateful enough en masse to vote for something that approx 85% of the population are vehemently against, but I suppose we will see if/when it happens. For now it was good to be out and about and making our voices heard!

posted 31/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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First Time At Comic Con
On Sunday I took a first tentative post-poorly step into the outside world when I went to MCM Comic Con London. I actually had a ticket for the whole weekend, but hadn't been well enough to go, and as it was I was only there for an hour, but that was long enough to leave a LASTING impression.

For LO! It was AMAZING! I have never really understood the point of cosplay before, but being in that gigantic MEGADROME surrounded by people dressed up it all became clear to me - this was a huge BEAUTIFUL coming together of people from all over the country, expressing their pride in themselves and their hobby and bringing JOY to each other with their amazing creativity. It really was BLOODY DELIGHTFUL to keep seeing Deadpools, Harley Quinns (there were a LOT of Harley Quinns), Manga Characters Who I Don't Know Who They Are and suchlike parading past. My favourites was a Luke Cage who'd brought his kids, and a Lego Batman who I assumed was happy to have his picture taken but then later realised that the GRIN was actually painted on.

I was in search of Doctor Dooms to see if I could talk to them about my RESEARCH, but the closest I got was a couple of Lokis. In all the excitement part of me thought "Well, if NOBODY has come as Doctor Doom then maybe, next year..."

The main thing I took away from it was how Properly DIVERSE it was. The common conception of comics fans is that we are all fat, white, middle-aged men, and though these people - MY people - were represented they were by no means in the majority. If anything, there might have been more women than men there, and people came in all sorts of colours and sexual persuasions. Seeing everyone wondering around so happily, freely, and proud of themselves was INTENSELY moving, and though all I did was walk up and down the halls LOOKING at people, rather than going to any talks, it was PROFOUNDLY moving. Roll on next year!

posted 30/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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A Little Bit Of Otway
Before all this ILLNESS began, The Bands On My Bill found time to go and see a ROCK SHOW!

For LO! Mr John Otway has a new album out, Montserrat, and we had booked ourselves tickets to the LAUNCH GIG. We rolled up at the 100 Club at 8:30pm and were VERY pleased to be told the show was just about to start. It's a delicate operation, getting to gigs at the right time, and we got it SPOT ON, being able to get in, get beers and find a spot JUST as the Big Band took to the stage. We were quite pleased with ourselves!

I have seen Otway at LEAST 50 times, since i first saw him at The Princess Charlotte back in 1989, and so I have heard some of his jokes at least 50 times also, but they remain EXTREMELY funny. It's the way he does his ACT with such happiness and enthusiasm, especially when he plays with the Big Band who gently CHIDE him throughout as he carries on relentlessly. It's a wonderful show to watch, everyone looks so happy to be there even when they're pretending not to be.

They played two sets and, despite it being an Album Launch, did ALL of the hits in exactly the same order, with the same introductions, and the same mucking about, as they ALWAYS do, and it was BLOODY GRATE. With the extra time they also played about half of the songs off the new album, missing out some of my favourites (like "Five Kisses" which I think is FAB) but IMPROVING some songs (like "Dancing With Ghosts") WAY beyond the album versions.

The highest praise I can offer was that, over the course of two sets of about an hour each, I was never bored and could happily have watched an hour more. I say this as someone who is pretty much ALWAYS BORED within twenty minutes of watching ANY band and desperate to go home after half an hour. Around song 3 of most sets I start trying to use my PSYCHIC POWERS to make the singer say "This is our last one" but when Otway said it I was DISAPPOINTED. That pretty much never happens with anybody else!

We emerged onto Oxford Street with achey faces from all the grinning and brains buzzing with all the fun we'd had. If all gigs were as GUARANTEED to be GRATE as Otway gigs I would be out every night!

posted 26/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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A Farewell To Ales
It's continued to be ALL GO with me and my INFECTED KNEE this week. I've been round so many departments of UCL Hospital, showing off my knee, that I think the medical staff members who have NOT seen my pants are probably in the minority. Still, I now know I don't have Diabetes, OR an abscess, and have managed to avoid various nights in hospital and, best of all, am now very much On The Mend. It really has been QUITE A Thing though!

It's also given pause for thought and, of course, for SYMPTOM GOOGLING, and I have come to several Startling Conclusions. Apparently my cellulitis of the knee was probably caused by Athlete's Foot (I've got a CREAM!) which, to cut a long and not entirely savoury story mercifully short, led me to think that the fact I get cellutlits three or four times a year means I might have issues with YEAST and possibly CANDIDA. I got some of this confirmed during one of my many hospital visits, which was actually rather BRILLIANT as it looks like a whole HECKLOAD of things that are wrong with me, many of which I thought were either "normal", "being a bit tired" or "part of being middle-aged" could ACTUALLY be down to an imbalance in my GUT FLORA and, if I can manage to get THAT sorted out, I will (as far as I understand it) become a super slim living dynamo of fitness and shimmering health. And all I have to do, once I've finished all the various pills and lotions, is to try and eliminate food and drink that contains a lot of yeast and/or sugar. WOT could be simpler eh? I mean, it's not like any of my favourite things contain either or both of THOSE is it? Is it?

Obviously yes, it is. It is thus after heavy contemplation and thought, that I have decided to DRASTICALLY reduce my intake of BREAD and ELIMINATE my useage of REAL ALE. I have told a few people this and, to my surprise, nobody has seemed surprised or alarmed by this conclusion, or afeared of the consequences. As The Liquid In My Glass pointed out, "You have, after all, probably had your fair share of Real Ale." I think she might be right. I think I might actually have had SEVERAL people's fair share of Real Ale.

So that's the plan - if, over the summer, you see someone who LOOKS like me but is shinier, slimmer, a BLUR of activity, and drinking a Filtered Lager, do not be afraid. It is NOT my twin from The Milliverse, it is me myself. Wish me luck!

posted 25/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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Give Blood
I was going to go on about myself a bit more today (on here? really?) but what with everything in Manchester I thought it might be better to temper that slightly with a suggestion that people reading this sign up with NHSBT Blood Donation. This morning I was looking a pictures of people queueing up outside blood donor centres, and how there's been so many that the centres have asked to stop people to stop, but health services ALWAYS need blood, and it's dead easy to book an appointment.

It's also dead easy when you go in, especially these days when they have SYSTEMS and INTERNET BOOKING and everything. It takes about an hour, so can be done over a long lunch break or after work (or during work hours if there's one near and they'll let you), and you can donate (or BLEED as they say when you're there, which makes it all sound Quite Daring) three or four times a year, which isn't much of a hardship. You also get FREE DRINKS (NB tea, coffee, or squash), and PROPER BISCUITS, also a bunch of people fussing around you for ages checking you're OK.

And of course, most importantly, you get to swan around afterwards feeling PRETTY GOOD about your... no, hang on, that's not the most important thing, it's that you're actively, constructively, ACTUALLY helping people who need help urgently. These days they even tell you which hospital your blood went to, it is VERY exciting!

So yeah, if you're feeling like you need to do something to help, sign up and get an appointment booked. You'll be helping people who need it and getting free biscuits as well. WINZ!

posted 23/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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Proper Poorly
I am sure many many MANY of you have been returning to this blog daily - HOURLY - thinking "Where is the latest update? Wot has Hibbett been up to? Why won't he TELL us? IN DETAIL??!?!" It is true that I have been very quiet on here this past few days, and it has been with good reason.

For LO! It really has been QUITE a time of it that I have had.

It all started last Tuesday, when I complained of a horrible ache down the back of my right leg. As mentioned pre-hiatus, we'd just been to Tenerife so I IMMEDIATELY thought "Deep Vein Thrombosis!" but then checked NHS Choices, saw my lack of symptoms, and felt reassured that I'd probably just STRAINED it on a volcano somewhere.

Next morning I noticed there was a big red patch behind the knee that was hot and sore. At work I googled it and suddenly discovered that this was a BIG SYMPTOM of DVT so PANICKED, rang my GP, and within the hour was sat in an office discussing it. This felt all very efficient, but unfortunately my local GP service is contracted out, so we tend to get Locums who are... not necessarily the most switched on. "Yeah, it could be DVT, or maybe an infection? You should probably go to A&E?"

THUS I turned round and went back the way I came, and was shortly back again five minutes from my desk at UCLH A&E department. I thought this was a good idea as, once they said it was all fine, I could just cross the road and go back to work. It turns out it WAS a good idea, but not for the reasons I thought!

In quick succession I saw a triage nurse, a very jolly Posh Young GP, and then an almost as posh but even jollier Consultant in Ambulatory Care, who "oohed" sympathetically and sent me up to Imaging, where a not quite so jolly SCAN guy put jelly all over my leg and did a SCAN, then said "It's not a clot." PHEW! Deep Vein Thrombosis OFF the suspects list!

As I wandered back down to Ambulatory Care a couple of THORTS occurred. Firstly, that the NHS really is BLOODY AMAZING. I'd just popped into A&E off the street and all of this was going on entirely for free. It took a little while sometimes and some of the support staff were not hugely friendly (there's a lot of that thing where they don't look you in the eye, like London Underground staff do), but CRIKEY the Medical Staff were INCREDIBLE, the system WORKED, and nobody was saying I should pay for it. It's easy to take for granted (or, clearly, to think it should be scrapped) but when you're in it you don't half see it for the insanely amazing thing it truly is.

The other thought was that the body is just a body. I'd been prodded and poked and looked at in ALL sorts of unseemly places, and I realised I didn't really mind at all. Perhaps it is my destiny to become an NUDIST in old age?

Anyway, I went back to the consultant who got me hooked up to an antibiotic drip,for LO! it was my old enemy CELLULITIS, getting me in the KNEE for a change. She took off my shoe and as she did she said "Cellulitis in the leg is often caused by - AHA! Proving me RIGHT! - Athlete's Foot!" I didn't even know I HAD Athlete's foot, but apparently fungal infections like that can cause Cellulitis nearby. This was something I would think on ANON!

I went home with MASSIVE amounts of medication, spent Thursday in bed, and then the NEXT day The Medications On My Script said "I don't think that's getting better - go and see them again." I'd been told by the consultant I could just pop in if I had any worries (see above re: AMAZING) but I thought it would be easier all round if I googled my consultant's email address and sent her a photo of my KNEE - technology! It's GRATE!

A couple of hours later she replied, VERY sympathetically, asking me to come in again and see a Nurse Practitioner at The Hospital Of Tropical Medicine. Everything here was UTTERLY FANTASTIC - the nurse was brilliant, sympathetic, and explained ALL SORTS of things, and I ended up put on ANOTHER drip and booked in for TWO MORE over the weekends.

I thus went in first thing Saturday and Sunday morning for MORE DRUGS through the CANULA what was stuck in my arm, like I was the SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN or something. Again, everyone was LOVELY, and then I was back to see my original nurse this very morning, where I got MORE DRUGS, was told I'd probably be off work all week, put on EVEN MORE DRUGS to take at home AS WELL as the ones they were giving me, told I didn't have MRSA *or* HIV (which would be a relief if I'd thought I had!) and staggered out feeling pretty bloody BLESSED to have this incredible service to fall back on.

I've not been this poorly, I don't think, since I had my TONSILS out back in 1908, so it's all been a bit of a shock to the system. Luckily I have The Walls Of My House to look after me, and she's been doing a FANTASTIC job of it too. I've also had time to think about what's been going on and WHY a) it happened this time and thus b) why I get poorly so often with similar things, and it's led to some LIFE CHANGING THORTS - though I think you've probably had enough of this for one day, so let's do that NEXT time!!

(*don't worry, they're good ones!)
posted 22/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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All Is Delightful
For the past couple of months Totally Acoustic has been missing a vital element: Mr S Hewitt, sitting at the front. Thankfully, when I arrived for this month's show, I found Steve already there, sat (as is TRADITIONAL) looking at his phone, halfway through a pint. PHEW! I went upstairs and discovered that not only had Mr R Vince arrived super-early, he had also laid out all the chairs and tables. "I hope that's all right," he said. Note to all future acts: this sort of behaviour is COMPLETELY FINE WITH ME!

Our audience gently gathered and was once again mostly made up with regulars. I almost entirely really LIKE this - our regulars are LOVELY and know EXACTLY how everything is supposed to work, my only worry is that they may notice that I VERY OCCASIONALLY use the same JOKES during my intro.

I kicked off with a couple of OLD songs - Say It With Words (with slightly different middle bit because a) i never liked the original tune there and b) couldn't work it out anyway) and Red And White Sockets - then brought on Royston and his COLLECTIVE, who were GRATE. As previously they did some covers of some songs I didn't know (which led me once again to think that he would have got CLEAN AWAY with it if he hadn't said anything) but also some DELIGHTFUL songs of his own. It was MAGIC!

Next up was Matt Stead and Rob Ash. Matt used to be in one of my FAVOURITE of the Indie Bands, A Fine Day For Sailing, and had thus played Totally Acoustic MANY times in the past. He introduced their set by saying they were going to do Ukelele Instrumentals. I thought this was a JOKE, but no, that is entirely what they did, and very nice it was too! Rob played Acoustic Bass (kindly lent to me for the evening by Mr K Top Of The Pops), which usually sounds a bit QUIET in this environment, but he played it with a Plectrum so that it was entirely audible. A little TIP for all you acoustical bassists out there!

Finally we had The Perfect English Weather who are also 50% of The Popguns. It probably gets a bit boring me saying how all the acts at these nights are GRATE, but the trouble is they are and these were no exception. Highlights for me included a STIRRING version of Johnny Logan's "Just Another Year" (I never thought THAT song would give me goose bumps), and some EXPERT Tambourine playing. I hope to include BOTH in the podcast - this has been delayed slightly by me going on holiday, but will be out soon I promise.

With all that completed all that remained was to retire to the downstairs bar for some WHISKY DRINKS. As I often say, if ALL gigs were like this I would GO to them all!

posted 16/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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What We Did On Our Holidays
You find me today BEFUDDLED, SLEEPY, COLD and unable to comprehend why it has gone noon and I have not as yet had any BEER, for LO! it is my first day back at work after HOLIDAYS!

Our destination was Tenerife again, for a week this time, and it all went AMAZINGLY smoothly. Even TYPING that feels risky, as if somehow something could still go AWRY, but apart from a slight delay to our return trip everything went GRATE. Things were SO PEASY at Gatwick in fact that The Staff At My Station and I had to find a Security Employee to ask what was going on. It was almost TOO efficient!

The only non-efficient elements were a) us being confused by everything being DIFFERENT to how we remembered it then eventually realising this was because we had always gone from the North terminal before and were currently at South and b) the bar at Weatherspoons, which took FOREVER. Being British we formed an orderly, grumbling, queue, although at one point I had to step forward and REPRIMAND somebody who had decided to ignore it and go straight to the bar. I pointed out that we were queuing and he said "It's a BAR! If I queue it'll take half an hour." "Yes," I said, doing a STEELY GLARE, "It will." He flounced off - I felt like a SUPERHERO!

When I eventually did get served the kitchens proved to be SUPER efficient though - our chips got back to our table before I did!!

The flight was ACE as we had three seats between the two of us (that happened last time we went to Tenerife too, it doesn't half make a difference) and when we arrived at our Apartment Complex we were told that we had A PENTHOUSE! This meant we could see TEIDE, the volcano in the middle of the island, from our balcony. Last time we'd been to Tenerife we hadn't managed to get up it so were determined to do so this time!

Tenerife seems to be quite CHEAP (compared to Majorca where we usually go, and DEFINITELY compared to That London!) so we KINDLY and HELPFULLY put CA$H into the local economy by going to the bar a lot. On our first night a gentleman we named Juan Shuttleworth was playing the keyboards, and over the course of the week we saw flamenco dancers, a violin player, and a lot MORE keyboards with the EASY CHORDZ function switched on. I wonder if holiday resorts ever question their constant use of "entertainment"? On the Friday night, when there wasn't any, there seemed to be a general air of RELIEF amongst all holidaymakers!

On the Tuesday we were picked up by a man called Pedro, to take us to the volcano. He was GRATE - he seemed to be a Local Legend as people greeted him wherever we went, and he told us at length about how proud he was of the island, with its Trade Winds and various different landscapes. He told us it was called "a little continent" about 17,000 times but we didn't mind, it felt an HONOUR to be in the back of his car.

Going up the mountain was pretty incredible - we drove through clouds, saw humans habitations disappear, forests end, and finally emerged onto a MARTIAN LANDSCAPE. When we got to the cable car we were told that it was closed, so we couldn't ascend to the summit after all. It was a bit disappointing, and Pedro offered to take us another time if the winds stopped, but they never did, so it looks like we might have to go back another time!

The day after that we got a BUS round the coast (Tenerife is basically a sodding great volcano sticking out of the sea, so if you want to go ANYWHERE you have to go round the edges) to Los Gigantes, which is a small town with GIGANTIC (hence the name) cliffs. Here we went to a cafe run by Los Bros Mitchellos, distant cousins of our own E20 Eastenders, who were amazed and, I think, IMPRESSED, by our order of two beers and two coffees. It's the combo that will be the talk of the island by July! We went out on a boat trip to look at the cliffs, and were amazed to find we had the WHOLE BOAT all to ourselves on the way out, we felt QUITE the dignitaries. AND we got free beers!

We went round the base of the cliffs to pick up some people from La Masca round the corner. There wasn't actually anywhere to dock - the boat captains got as close as they could to a small pier and then passengers had to JUMP aboard! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it, it looked DANGEROUS and we were Rather Glad we had a round trip. On the way back we soared across the waves and then suddenly were in amongst a family of dolphins. It was ASTOUNDING and totally unexpected, we couldn't quite believe it was happening.

Other highlights included going to most of the Veggie restaurants (there's LOADS of veggie stuff, also Gluten Free options EVERYWHERE), doing quite a lot of paddling in the sea, seeing LIZARDS all over the place, and, on our last day, going to a "Street Art" festival. This turned out to be Street Entertainers, doing the internationally recognised art of shouting at crowds and Being A Bit Aromatic. We didn't stay long - we went back to the bar instead!

The general DELIGHT of it all continued even unto our transport home, as we boarded a big old bus back to the airport expecting it to travel round the town picking other people up, only to find we had it ALL to ourselves. It took us about an hour to work it out, at which point we gingerly took a couple of bags of our laps and put them on another seat - we didn't want to get told off did we?

It was all pretty fantastic really, which is why being back at my desk feels a bit STRANGE and blurry. Surely this isn't what I'm meant to be doing? Where is my WINE?!?!

posted 15/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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A Most Unusual Course
I was on a course all day yesterday, and it was Quite Good. The title was "How To Write A Book" and I had gone on it for THREE (3) reasons. Firstly I thought it might give me some guidance about how to construct my PhD, which it did, although due to the nature of the course I had to pretend I was thinking of writing a BOOK rather than a THESIS. However, the more I PRETENDED the more I thought "Hey! This COULD be a book!" My main source of this thought was the way that everyone ALWAYS says "A PhD about Doctor Doom? That sounds REALLY INTERESTING!" They may, of course, be being polite but a) most PhDs are REALLY BORING and the rule is that you don't have to pretend otherwise and b) it REALLY IS interesting, come on, it's about Doctor Doom, who wouldn't want to read a book about that? I predict a MILLION SELLER. Elsevier: CALL ME!

My second reason was that I thought it might tell me whether, when I wrote my NOVEL last year, I had done it right. As I say, the course was meant to be about Academic Books, so not everything applied, but I was DELIGHTED to hear the course leader recommending "Seven Minute Moments Of Writing" i.e. finding seven minutes to do some writing rather than waiting until you had a whole DAY free. This is pretty much exactly what I did - rather than looking at TWITTER or something when I was BORED I did five minutes of WRITING instead. All right, it took me nearly a year, and I had to do a TONNE of re-writes, but it did turn into a book in the end. I nodded VIGOROUSLY throughout that bit!

The final reason was that I'd been told I have to do some TRAINING for my Continuing Professional Development, and this one looked like it would be a LOT more interesting than the Database Stuff courses I usually go on. It definitely was! The chap running it reminded me A LOT of Larry Lamb, and had many Interesting Opinions and FACTOIDS to share. He seemed to be able to tell you how long a book was designed to last just by looking at the SPINE and could say how many pieces of PAPER had been used to make it too. He ALSO claimed that books have SHRUNK in the past few years, because now people mostly buy from Amazon, where you see the FRONT of the book, rather than bookshops where you see them lined up on a shelf with the SPINE showing. Now that you don't need the Spine to be thick enough to read the title, you don't need the book to be so long. I have no idea if this is true but, as a FACTOID, I LIKED it!

THUS, much to my surprise, I actually ENJOYED a course at work - maybe Continuing Professional Development isn't so bad AFTER all?!?

posted 5/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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Arts And Parties
The Bank Holiday weekend was meant to be a quiet one round at our house. We'd planned to watch THREE films over the course of the weekend, but this ended up being DRASTICALLY reduced to a couple of episodes of "Seinfeld", as our life became a SOCIAL WHIRL.

It all began on Saturday when The Shoes On My Feet and I went out for a STROLL round Wanstead Park, looking at BLUEBELLS, seeing a FOX CUB and also a CAT. During our wanderings my MUM rang to say that they were coming to London that evening to go to the THEATRE and had some spare tickets, would we like to go? So it was that, instead of watching "Hunt For The Wildurpeople", we rolled up at The Harold Pinter Theatre to see Imelda Staunton and Other Actors in "Who's Afraid Of Virgina Woolf?"

Here is my review: it was very well done but, personally, I don't know why you'd want to do it. The message seemed to be "Lying to yourself is a bad idea, and life can be difficult in middle age." I'm pretty sure I knew that already and did not need actors SHOUTING it at me for THREE FLIPPING HOURS. Flipping heck - the first act was all right, as it was at least funny, like an American Sitcom about VERY UNPLEASANT CHARACTERS, but it got less funny and MORE SHOUTY the longer it went on. On the plus side, we did have GRATE seats right at the back on the end of an aisle, so could get STRAIGHT to the bar (which was NEEDED), but overall I would say it was Not Much Fun.

Much MORE fun was the following evening's outing, when we went to the birthday do of Mrs M Hewitt. Usually for such events we try to go at the START - everybody needs people to turn up early for parties - but this time we rolled up FASHIONABLY LATE. I tell you what, I can see WHY people do that - we got to stay right to the END this time when everyone else was heading home and felt QUITE The Cool Kids! ALSO it was in a nice pub, in a basement, where we ended up sat nattering with both Hewitts. All it needed was a curry afterwards and we could have been in Edinburgh!

The actual Bank Holiday Monday didn't feature ANY socialising, but DID include us both doing a TONNE of stuff, in my case lots of VITAL, IMPORTANT PhD work (about Doctor Doom). Once again we didn't get around to watching a film, but that night's post-tea episode of "Seinfeld" (it's on Amazon Prime, we have watched LITTLE ELSE for the past month" was "The Soup Nazi", which was AMAZING and, frankly, MUCH better than any silly old play! Hoorah for TELLY! Hoorah for long weekends!

posted 2/5/2017 by MJ Hibbett
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