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Blog Archive: January 2019

Good Grief, Charlie Brown
On Saturday The Panels In My Strip went to see Good Grief, Charlie Brown, at Somerset House, an exhibition about Charles Schultz, 'Peanuts', and art inspired by it.


We'd been meaning to go for ages, and it was WELL worth the wait. It was set out over two LONG rooms over two floors, with double sided boards throughout the middle, almost all of which featured the original artwork for several strips. The best thing about THAT, obviously, was that there was a lot of 'Peanuts' to read, but there was all sorts of information along the sides packed with new (to us) FACTS. I grew up thinking of 'Peanuts' as just another cartoon in my Nan's newspaper, not much different to 'Garfield' with its cheesy gags, tonnes of merchandise, and sligthly sentimental cartoon shows. I never thought of it as anything more than that at the time, but seeing it in this context made me realise how funny it was, and how touching it could be too. Also, things like Schultz's support for feminism, and the introduction of Franklin, and his invention of the term 'security blanket' and... well, lots of things, were all EXTREMELY interesting.

I was also surprised to see 'Peanuts' described as the longest ongoing work of art produced by one person. I'd just assumed that, like most daily newspaper strip cartoonists, he'd used a studio of some kind, especially when it all got famous, but apparently not. I suppose that is why you can see the style change as it goes along, especially in the first few years.

In theory it was also an exhibition about the art that 'Peanuts' had inspired, but to be honest we didn't pay much attention to that, and I didn't see anybody else doing it much either. The central displays were much too interesting to be distracted by a big Charlie Brown jumper, although I DID really like Good Old Gregor Brown, an extremely clever version of Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' using the 'Peanuts' characters which was respectful to BOTH.

The one thing they didn't seem to mention much was the commercialisation of the strip. There were LOTS of displays of actual Merchandise (including some copies of the Peanuts Books which I'm sure I wasn't the only person to SNIFF as they passed by) but not much discussion of what some people would say was an oversaturation, to the point where PILLOCKS like me only saw the Cuddly Toys and not the stories themselves. Other than that thought it was BRILLIANT - I would highly recommend it, and also a trip through the GIFT SHOP on the way out!

Afterwards we headed up to Angel to attend the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS of that most marvellous of humans, Mr J Jervis. We'd gone for the EARLY session, before the main evening DO at The Lexington, which meant we got to spend a lovely few hours chatting to him and Mr B Clancy before they had to go round the corner, while we got to go home for curry! It was the perfect end to a ruddy DELIGHTFUL day!

posted 30/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Billy Bragg In Islington
On Friday night last week I went to see Billy Bragg, an artiste whom I do not know much about, honest guv, who has had no influence wotever on my own stylings, no really, it is true.

Oh all right yes, he is probably second only to John Otway in the great list of Acts I Have Ripped Off Been Influenced By. I hadn't seen him for AGES though, so when Mr S Hewitt suggested going I jumped at the chance. It was originally meant to be happening at ULU, but then got moved to Islington Assembly Hall. We got emails from the promoters apologising for the fact that our tickets had been designated in the balcony upstairs, where ALAS we would have to SIT DOWN for the duration. DISASTER!

I met Steve beforehand in The Taproom just over the road from the venue. This was a Craft Beer Bar, in Islington, selling Vegan food and directly opposite a Billy Bragg gig, yet it was weirdly NOT full to the rafters with beards, radical bookshops or union convenors. What is the world coming to? It was still very nice though, and I had a LOVELY vegan pizza!

Eventually we wobbled over the road, arriving just in time to get a beer in and catch the last 30 seconds of the support band. Some skills never leave you! After an appropriate interlude Billy himself came on, and was GRATE. He was talking about the fact that he now has a Senior Citizen's Railcard, which seemed incredible because a) Billy Bragg is 27, everyone knows that and b) however old he is, he looks very good on it. The actual set had a surprisingly large amount of material from what I think of as his "middle period", around "William Bloke" and "Don't Try This At Home", which I guess in reality is more like his "really really early period", and was FAB. It was also rather wonderful to be able to sit down. The Assembly Hall was dead good, especially as we got seats on the end of a row with easy access to the bar, the loo, and, for certain members of our party (NB not me) a space to stand up and punch the air.

It was a lovely evening, I must learn more about this Bragg character!

posted 29/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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The Hardest Job In The World
I've spent a huge amount of my time this past week or so doing THE WRITING and I tell you what, it is surely The Hardest Job In The World.

This batch of The Writing has been brought about by My Agent (ZANG!) who rang up last week for a lengthy conversation about what needs fixing with THE NOVEL. One of the GRATE things about My Agent is that he applies the full force of his mighty BRANE to these things, and had a metric TONNE of EXTREMELY good points to make. Long-term chums may recall a couple of years ago when I briefly had another agent, who suggested that THE NOVEL needed a few TWEAKS before it was ready to go off to publishers. She left that Agency before contracts got signed and I was dropped, which at the time was pretty upsetting, but now, like a California Wellness Guru, I realise that it was actually a Good Thing, as there was loads of stuff that needed sorting out that hadn't been picked up on, but which IS being picked up on now.

The only trouble is that I now have to go through and DO the changes! This is the second time My Agent has rung up to highlight a bunch of issues that need addressing - the first lot got done just before Christmas, and involved some vast chunks of New Stuff which was a LOT of fun to write, but this batch is a) not as extensive but b) a lot more hard work, as I'm going through picking out things like "tone" and dialogue changes and Narrative Consistency that is important but not quite as much of a LARF to do. It feels like WORK!

The most difficult bit is thinking up new JOKES. About once a day I get to a section that needs a new joke, and I usually end up having to go for a walk around the flat, mumbling to myself, to try and think it up. On the bright side, it does mean at least once a day I get to LARF at one of my own (brand new) jokes!

Concurrent with all of this literary activity I am also gently gearing up for the No Headliner Tour with Mr M Tiller which begins next week. I'm trying to do around 20 minutes of SINGING a night to a) get my THROAT used to it and b) try and work out which songs I know. So far, to my surprise, both throat and BRANE have been functioning well, but my FINGERS are a mess of blisters. Oh how I suffer for ART!

posted 24/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Two Nights At The Cinema
It was a right cultural whirligig round our way last weekend, with THEATRE, LIVE FILMING, and then on Sunday evening the first of TWO trips to The Pictures!

The Lights and Camera of my Action had suggested we go to see "Bohemian Rhapsody". the Queen film that came out a while ago. We'd meant to go and see it over Christmas but hadn't got around it it, and assumed it had long gone, but she discovered it was still showing at our local VUE. I confidently declared that we would probably be the only people there, as it had been on for so long, so was a little discombobulated when we arrived to discover that it was SOLD OUT!

We would later discover that it was showing in one of the small rooms upstairs in the Vue, where they usually show The Art Films, and guessed that it had probably been put there to finish off its run, only to suddenly get attention again with The Golden Globes win the other week. We had got all dressed up to go out of the house and didn't want to just slink home so we had a look at what ELSE was showing, booked tickets for "Stand & Ollie" a little while later, and went for a DRINK!

Having a DRINK was such good fun that we decided to have another during the FILM, which was a lovely idea except for the fact that OH MY WORD it takes a long time to buy anything in that cinema. Unless you go at approx 10am there is ALWAYS a huge queue, and we later debated whether this was a tactical decision. Maybe Vue think punters will initially queue up just for a ticket, but after spending TWENTY MINUTES waiting in line they eventually decide to make it worth their while and spend A MILLION POUNDS on a drink and popcorn as well. If this is the case, then they only have themselves to blame for people choosing to stay home instead - drinks and snacks are easily accessible and FREE there, and all you need to do to get That Real Cinema Experience is sit closer to the telly!

EVENTUALLY we got in, and even managed to get an "upgrade" to the VIP seats by... er... going and sitting in them. I must say they were very comfy, and you get a GRATE view - take THAT, Vue Cinemas! Actually I spent the first ten minutes of the film terrified we would get Told Off, but luckily I was with an International Rebel who said, correctly, it would be FINE.

We had differing views on the film itself. The Steps In My Dance Routine didn't like Steve Coogan in it, and thought he was basically doing Alan Partridge with a weird unconvincing accent, which is a criticism I can accept. I, however, flipping LOVED it. I don't know what it was about the story of MEN going on the road together and playing to small audiences, but something about it clicked with me. I especially loved the bit at the end where they're on stage and the camera goes back to just show their Iconic Silhouettes. It MOVED me!

There were no such difference in opinions the NEXT night when we tried again to see "Bohemian Rhapsody" and this time succeeded. It was GRATE! I do LOVE a good Rock Biopic and this was a REALLY good one. There were Astounding Impersonations! Re-workings of Well Known Events! Clearly Shoe-Horned-In Moments Of Jeopardy! A MONTAGE within the first twenty minutes showing them going from rehearsal to sellout show! Several other "writing the song" MONTAGES going from "No, I don't want to play the hit song 'Under Pressure' I refuse" to it being a HIT! Several people saying "There is no way that this song will be re-released several times and become a major international anthem"!

One of the few things it was missing was a series of PUNS based around song titles e.g. a clear opportunity was missed to show a magician at one of Freddie's parties and have John Deacon say "What do you think to the illusionist, Brian?" and Brian May reply "Well, It's A Kind Of Magic, I suppose... HANG ON!" or at ANY POINT Roger Taylor hurting himself and insisting that they do the gig because "The Show Must Go On guys... HANG ON!"

What it did have in BULK was Historical Revisionism. Crumbs! When we left the cinema we were wondering why it had got such bad reviews, but then a look online later showed that a lot of it was due to people OUTRAGED by how much things had been changed around. I am not the sort of person to know the in-depth histories of bands (NB apart from The Beatles OBVS, but surely everybody knows exact dates for all events in their lives and has read The Big Mark Lewisohn Book?) so was Quite Surprised to find quite HOW MUCH they had changed things. As The Dates On My Calendar later remarked, it was less a biopic and more of a ROCK MUSICAL loosely based on The Story Of Queen.

It was still dead good tho, and my only complaint about its Golden Globe success would be to say that The Bloke Who Played Brian May was ROBBED - and I say that as someone who has stood mere FEET away from the great man at a Badger Demo for SEVERAL minutes. He was AMAZING!

posted 18/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Filmic Innovation
I was back in the STUDIO on Sunday afternoon to commence filming new VIDEOS for the next PLINTHS release.

Myself and Mr J Dredge gathered in Theatre Deli in Broadgate to do filming for TWO (2) films. We only really needed to do ONE (1), for the next single which should be out in March, but I knew that we are SO EFFICIENT that we usually only use the first hour of our two hour bookings, so we worked out something else to do if that became the case. SPOILERS: it did.

The first video we did was for the song "Pancake Day". I've wanted to do a DANCING video for AGES, ever since The Knees In My Legs watched the video for What Is Life by G Harrison and LOVED it. John and I discussed what we could do, with the initial idea that we'd have John doing simple dance moves, and make it look like there were three of him doing them at the same time. However, once we got started I realised that a) this would be really difficult and b) it looked GRATE with just him doing it on his own. It may surprise you to find out that I am NOT a professionally trained DANCE director, but it turns out that watching several series of Strictly and going to CHARLESTON lessons about a decade ago is all the training I needed to stand there saying "PLACE your hand! STRAIGHTEN your leg! Marvellous darling!"

It may also surprise those who know him to find out that John is NOT a professionally trained dancer, but once we got going he WENT for it, and looked GRATE. We did a whole bunch of different moves which we'll cut together, and I fuly expect "Pancaking" to take its place alongside "Dabbing" and "Flossing" at all of next season's high society balls.

After that we did some stuff for a song called "Idiots Rule The World". The idea for this was to film John's face singing the song, so I could superimpose it over some ACTUAL idiots who rule the world. To enable this I had bought some sheets of green paper from the Art Shop at work, and we spent some very happy minutes cutting a hole out to fit John's FACE. This left a gap around the sides, so we stuck another sheet across the back, making a rather marvellous Personal Green Screen, as seen below.

Watch out Andy Serkis, there are new Special Effects Experts in town! To make it work properly I ended up stood behind John, holding the side of the sheets with one hand and shining the torch from my phone down the back with the other, to try and keep it all the same shade of green, which I feel made John look like the SECOND daftest person in the room. I was very glad the the windows along the sides of the room were FROSTED!

When I got home I had a quick check to make sure that this had actually WORKED, and was amazed and relieved to find that YES, it actually had! There will now follow several weeks of tinkering with both videos before we UNLEASH them on the public, but hopefully this blog will serve as a Behind The Scenes Documentary TEASER until then!

posted 16/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Back To The Panto
On Saturday afternoon myself and The Rising Of My Curtain went to the THEATRE in London's Fashionable Stratford area of London, there to see THE PANTO!

We last went to the panto at the same venue a couple of years ago, but that time we had sat in the STALLS. THIS time we'd been invited by a chum who had splashed out (about four months ago when there were bargains) on a BOX. I've never been in A BOX at The Theatre before, and found the whole experience Quite Luxurious. It was right up by the stage, so you had to lean out sometimes to see what was going on, but it was dead nice being in your own private little ROOM. If I ever get to do something like that then I will investigate taking a PICNIC!

The show itself was Quite Good, but much like last time I found myself taking NOTES throughout. It was the penultimate show of the run (with the last one that evening) so I thought it would be full of LARKING ABOUT and also EXTRA BUSINESS but it was actually played Very Straight Indeed. Almost TOO straight in places - the whole show stuck very firmly to The Story, so there wasn't much in the way of topical gags, and the Jokes That Only Grown-Ups Will Understand came thick and fast for the first ten minutes, and then petered out in favour of Getting Children To Dance, which, to be fair, was FAB. Is "flossing" on The National Curriculum, or are The Young People just very mobile these days?

The cast were GRATE throughout, though there were bits where, if I had been DIRECTING, I would have said "No, that line is a JOKE, try saying it as such." It's WEIRD - on the rare occasions I have encountered Actual Actors they never seem to notice JOKES and have to have them pointed out, but then try and do OTHER lines as jokes that AREN'T. Do they not teach GAGS at RADA, or is it Advanced Flossing instead?

One thing they definitely DID do properly though was Mention Local Places e.g. when they had to go into the forest it was EPPING FOREST, the shops were Westfield, the palace was in Stratford etc etc. It is always weirdly exciting to hear Somewhere You Live mentioned like this, I must remember to add it to my Things Everyone Likes list, along with Seeing Two Or More People Moving In Unison and Finishing On A Song.

In fact, I must remember to send that list round Theatres next year. Come on, PANTO BOOKERS, call me!

posted 15/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Collaborative Curries
The Validators are world-renowned for their rock and roll excesses, crazy lifestyles, and "don't give a flip" attitude, but, beneath that surface layer of sheer 100% punk rock, it may surprise you to learn that we can also on occasion be Quite Organised.

This was evidenced a few days ago when everyone received an email from Mr FA Machine with SIX agenda items for discussion regarding our activities in 2019. Along with items about GIGS and RECORDING he also made the very VALID point that we had not yet arranged our Christmas Curry. This is an hallowed tradition, undertaken almost every year, generally just AFTER Christmas when we... well, have a curry. We also take the opportunity to have a Band Meeting too, and after Frankie's email several more items were brought up for the agenda, not least a BOOK SWAP which, I am sure you will agree, is about as flipping rock and ruddy roll as it is possible to get. Watch out, William Idol, there are some new crazy rebels in town!

We will thus be convening in early February to dine and discuss. Coincidentally this will take place only a couple of days after ANOTHER grand tradition with Artistic Collaborators i.e. a CAMDEN curry with Mr & Mrs Hewitt. Two curries in one week? No wonder Him Out Of The Libertines is looking worried!

posted 11/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Back On The Road (in a bit)
Over the Christmas period, as well as watching films and going to CHURCH and so forth, I also engaged in some ROCK PREP. For LO! Starting in February Mr Matt Tiller and I are going on TOUR!

I believe I have spoken about this before, but now it is all sorted with seven (SEVEN!) dates around the country and, indeed, London. Here is the full list as it currently stands:

Thursday 7 February:Urban Xchange Bar, London
Sunday 17 February:The Joiners Arms, London
Wednesday 20 February:The Globe, Leicester
Thursday 28 February:The Green Room, Sheffield
Thursday 7 March:Gullivers, Manchester
Friday 15 March:New Bristol Brewery, Bristol
Thursday 21 March:The King & Queen, London

That's nearly as many gigs as I have done in the WHOLE of 2019! I am right looking forward to it, though it's been a bit weird getting back in the hang of this sort of thing, especially as I'll be doing them all SOLO. For most of the past few years I've done gigs EITHER with The Validators OR with Steve, but this time it'll be just ME! I mean, OBVS I'll be playing with Matt at each of them, and doing a lot of the travelling together too, but the gigs will be ALL HIBBETT!

It's been a remarkably smooth process getting it booked, as Mr Tiller has been an EXCELLENT tour-booking colleague. We have had MEETINGS and everything! We've also got a proper POSTER to use, which looks like THIS:

I currently have HIGH IDEALS of doing a vast range of different songs every night... though I have a sneaking suspicion that this will get boiled down to a core UBERSET as usual. There'll definitely be some NEW songs in the mix, though I can't necessarily guarantee any new GAGS. Do come along if there's one near to you though, we will both be VERY glad of the support!

posted 9/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Christmas Films
I watched a LOT of telly over Christmas, which I believe is what The Baby Jesus would have wanted. For LO!, when the Shepherds watched their flocks by night, all watching BBC, did not the Angel of The Lord come down and switch to ITV?

The BEST thing I watched was That Bros Documentary Everyone Was Going On About - honestly, if you have not watched it yet it really IS as brilliant as everyone keeps saying it is, it's called 'When The Screaming Stops' and it's on the iplayer. Go and have a look!

A lot of the talk online was about how funny it is, which it definitely is (I'm still laughing at the bit about conkers even now), but it's also surprisingly moving - they're very open about their emotions throughout, but when they struggle to get it across to each other you just want to go and give them both a big hug. I also really liked the BAND bits - when Matt tries to tell Luke how an introductory DRUM FILL should sound, BEFORE they've even started playing the song, it reminded me of all the times that I... I mean, somebody very insensitive who isn't me... have done that sort of thing, and how AWFUL it is for all concerened.

Anyway, whether you've been in a band or not, liked Bros or not, or indeed had a sibling or not, it is BLOODY GRATE and you will kick yourself if it drops off the iPlayer before you get a chance to see it!

I did not, however, spend the ENTIRE Christmas period sat on my arse in front of the telly. Perish the thought! I also managed to drag myself out to sit on my arse in front of a cinema screen, when I went to see "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse" and it was AMAZING! As with the Bros film I had read a LOT of reviews telling me how brilliant it was and, once again, they were CORRECT. BLIMEY! It was the most comics-y superhero film I have ever seen and, not coincidentally, also THE BEST. EVER! I loved the way it did all the really FUN stuff from comics, all the imagination and excitement and DAFTNESS, without feeling it had to get tied up in explaining every single aspect. I loved the fact that it ACKNOWLEDGED how many times we've seen the Origin Story and then did each separate Spider-Person's story in a very All Star Superman way i.e. cut to the absolute essentials. I also loved the way it put Actual Comics in, like Kirby Dots or the Bill Sienkiewicz version of The Kingpin, and most of all the way it took an existing story and MANGLED it to make it BETTER for film but also using the MADDEST ideas, and wrapped the whole thing up with LOADS of a) actual proper jokes b) actual proper action and c) actual proper EMOTION. Goodness me, I believe I cried AT LEAST 3 times during the film!

Go and see it! It is GRATE!

posted 7/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Holy Christmas
Either side of our HOLIDAY this year The Routes On My Network and I did a LOT of bouncing around visiting relatives, which meant that by Christmas Day itself we had done EVERYONE and thus had the whole day to ourselves, so we could do whatever we wanted. It turns out that what we wanted was to go to CHURCH!

Our reasoning was thus: for the past several years we've always gone to St John's in Leytonstone (where we used to live) for the Christmas Carol service, but missed it this time due to the aforementioned holiday, so thought we'd give it a go on Christmas Day itself instead. This turned out to be unexpectedly BRILLIANT.

Our journey commenced with a 40 minute HIKE back to our old hood, arriving just in time for some milling about before the service itself began. I'd been to church a few times on Christmas day when I was little, and vaguely remembered it as taking AGES with everyone dressed up and being Quite Serious and STERN. St John's was NOT like that at ALL - if anything it reminded me of an INDIE GIG. Nobody seemed entirely sure what was meant to be happening, the main act was NERVOUS (it turns out that his DAD was in the audience, so maybe that was why), there were GUITARS, and the whole audience got to sing along. This latter was because there was no CHOIR to do the singing for us, which led to the congregation going for it with some GUSTO, even on the songs that most of us didn't know. Highlights included the vicar stopping the first song a verse early and the congregation all going "There's another VERSE!", him and his Dad having to have three goes getting the lights on the tree to come on when we all shouted "Let there be LIGHT!" (which I'm pretty sure is in the bible), the curate not being able to work the Powerpoint presentation that had all the song lyrics on, a crew of children with SHAKERS putting off the vicar and his pal on guitar and piano, and an extended metaphor about JESUS being one of the Mr Men.

We also got some CHOCOLATES halfway through (again, that's definitely in the BIBLE), said hello to each other at some length, and I had my usual Christmas Sniffle during "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" (NB reminds me of my NAN). I tell you what, if they put THAT sort of service on Telly Religion (rather than the TERRIFYING Midnight Mass of LATIN and INCENSE and TERROR that I'd seen 5 seconds of on BBC1 the night before) I reckon it would turn Church Attendance right round. I know it's made ME want to go more - to Christmas Carols AND Christmas Day!

posted 4/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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Feliz Navidad!
Myself and The Baubles On My Tree went off for some SUMMER SUN just before Christmas, and let me tell you this: it was GRATE!

We went to sunny TENERIFE, where it was weirdly like SUMMER but also CHRISTMASSY. It was most odd to be wandering round in shorts and sandles while Shakin' Stevens sang in the background, but being strong-willed and determined we somehow managed to get by. The people of Tenerife have some particular tastes in Christmas decorations - they like Poinsettia, Reindeer made from fairy lights, gigantic wireframe presents you can walk inside, and especially nativity scenes. Man ALIVE but there were a lot of nativity scenes - our hotel alone had TWO, and we saw an INCREDIBLE one when we went on our (one and only) day trip to La Laguna. The Tourist Information centre there had an entire ROOM full of a model village version of Bethlehem which told the entire bible story as you walked around it. It was brilliant, also quite surprising as I found myself squealing "Ooh, it's Herod!" There was also a life-size scene in the courtyard of the building, which had The Baby Jesus missing. It wasn't Christmas yet though, so maybe he would be there for his birthday?

Another thing they like in Tenerife is FOOD LABELLING, which was extremely helpful, and also VEGANISM. There were LOADS of places to eat, though we spent the majority of our lunchtimes popping to a place called Malaika, a totally vegan cafe in Puerto de la Cruz, and then going to a healthfood shop on the way back to the bar... sorry, apartment... which sold Violife CREAM CHEESE, which I'd not seen before. I'm not quite sure WHY there was so much Ethical Eating going on, but we were very glad for it. We also, very ethically, drank as much LOCAL BEER as we could. We were ethical every day, sometimes several times over!

One of the other highlights of the week was the Lago Martianez, an enormous LIDO down by the seaside, where we spent a very ethical afternoon eating locally sourced foods ("chips", I think they call them) and LOLLING ABOUT on sunbeds. There was an EXTREMELY cold saltwater pool which The Salt In My Brine spent about 20 minutes longer in than me (so about 22 minutes), and I had a PROPER KIP in the sunshine. It was ACE!

Towards the end of the holiday news started to drip through about the drones at Gatwick, where we were due to fly back to. We hoped it would all be sorted out by the time it was our turn to go, but amazingly, given that Chris Grayling was exerting all his mental powers on solving the problem, the airport was still closed the night before we were due to set off. The Times On My Timetable spent a lot of time texting and emailing people to try and find out what was going on, and rather brilliantly got our check-out time delayed so we had more time to pack. In the end our bus pick-up was put back from about 1pm to 6.30pm, giving us an extra afternoon to be ETHICAL in the cafe and the poolside bar.

Then it took AGES to get to the airport via a traffic jam, during which the mostly British passengers told each other what we'd heard, followed by a SCARE at the check-in desk, where we went to get a much needed PINT and returned 20 minutes later to find that the desk had CLOSED! Luckily for us the chap from Norwegian Airways, the ONLY person in the check-in lounge, sorted us out, but it was a bit scary!

The rest of the journey was FINE, and we ended up getting home just after 6am, which meant it was the first time in about a DECADE that I'd stayed awake for 24 hours. We was KNACKERED, but very happy with a BRILLO holiday. I would heartily recommend a bit of WINTER SUN!

posted 2/1/2019 by MJ Hibbett
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