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Here's everything we currently have in stock - as with all our stuff postage is free wherever you are in the world (I don't think you should have to pay more just because you don't live near me) and don't forget to check out the Special Offers section for BARGAINS GALORE!

We use Paypal, but if you don't fancy it you can always get some of these through Amazon, iTunes, or our bandcamp page. Let's go!

The Unearthly Beauty Of MJ Hibbett

My first solo album for eleven years, and first album of any kind for six - the fact that it's just me meant that I could call it whatever I wanted, so I did!

Fourteen songs about bad backs, fire drills, blue bags and the correct use of project management methodologies. Recorded entirely at home, so nobody else is to blame for any of it!

I Don't Have To Worry About That

An EP which is also a badge!

Each badge comes with a download code sticker on the back. To get your music, go to and enter the code there. Peasy!

People Are All Right

An EP which is also a badge!

Each badge comes with a download code sticker on the back. To get your music, go to and enter the code there. Peasy!

20 Golden GRATES

Our GRATEST hits album, released in an extremely limited edition on cassette!

Still Valid

It took us three years to record our previous album, so we decided to make THIS album at lot simpler. Ten songs, thirty minutes, minimal overdubs, all HITS.

It took four years... but we think it was worth it!

Forest Moon Of Enderby

Our second "Rest Of" compilation featuring twelve Validators tracks on the main CD and TWENTY THREE additional songs on the multimedia album Hibbett's Superstore.

Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez

Our fourth album - a BBC 6Music Album Of The Day, Mercury Music Prize listed, and featuring the singles Do The Indie Kid (7" vinyl), It Only Works Because You're Here and My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once. Also available in a COMBO DEAL from the Special Offers section.

It Only Works Because You're Here/My Exciting Life In ROCK

This hugely endowed EP features seven songs from My Exciting Life In ROCK two exclusive b-sides and a veritable GRATEST HITS of bonus tracks!

The Lesson Of The Smiths

The second single from WE VALIDATE!, with two live favourites, three brand new songs, a Smiths cover and a pile of multimedia extras, including a complete Live Album!


The album which seems to have introduced to more people than any other, featuring the "hits" The Lesson Of The Smiths and The Gay Train.

Better Things To Do

Featuring an ever-so-slightly different version of Better Things To Do, two b-sides by The Validators and, on the multimedia section, six other brand new songs on the virtual cassette Zipcodes. It's a bargain!

The Uberset

A live solo album recorded in Catford, South East London, in September 2005.

Warriors Of Nanpantan

A 'Rest Of' compilation featuring all the singles, compilation tracks, internet only releases and unreleased songs from 1997 to 2004.

Shed Anthems

Mini-Album featuring everyone's favourite track from This Is Not A Library, Steve Lamacq's Euro 2004 anthem, the winner of the "Select A B-Side" competition, and three other brand new tracks. Also contains CD-R goodness with alternate versions, lyrics, annotations, and - oh my! - an entire ALBUM's worth of unreleased material.

Say It With Words

The debut album from 2000, with old favourites like Hey Hey 16K and Payday Is The Best Day.

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