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Carpe Diem

Civic Court
Caverley S
0113 2436264

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. Click on the date for further details.

Saturday 3 July 2004
Validators Full Band Set With Johnny Domino and Being 747.

Friday 4 February 2005
Validators Full Band Set With Galitza and Heavy Stereo

Saturday 4 March 2006
Everybody in Leeds was DRUNK and I had to FIGHT somebody to stop them taking over the stage! The Lodger headlined, and between us were Sarandon, who were GRATE.

Sunday 23 July 2006
Validators Full Band Set After a 'complicated' morning having to go back to various places to get stuff we'd forgot we met the Fighting Cocks for a very ROCK night - there was arm wrestling, there was BAND STARVATION, there was the longest pub quiz EVER, there was very nearly a F

Saturday 2 June 2007
With Lusk and Ben Calvert at a Tasty Fanzine night.

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