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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Christmas Blues

Compilations: Christmas Blues

A Christmas compilation EP from Helen Llewelyn Product 19. One morning I got an email asking if, by any KRAZY CHANCE, I had a Christmas song lying around spare that I could send THAT DAY to be used on a Christma Single. Funnily enough I COMPLETELY DID and sent it off. The over eager pressing planet, however, had ALREADY made the singles, so I didn't make it onto the seven inch version of the record, though i'm VERY MUCH on the download version!

You can get it online here:

Christmas Blues - mertle
Dolig (sa'm amser gwaeth i farw) - Mr Huw
Bring Me The Head Of The Man Dressed In Red - Lost Boy Scout
Santa Suit - Filipino Dream Girls
I Got You What You Want For Christmas - MJ Hibbett

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