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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Indietracks 2014

Compilations: Indietracks 2014

Massive compilation of tracks from bands playing at the 2014 Indietracks festival.

You can get it online here:

The Beach Girls and the Monster - Bordeauxxx
Summer's Gone - The Proper Ornaments
Heartbreak Kids - Ace City Racers
Everything You Say and Do - Marc Elston
C'mon Let's Mosh! - Sweet Baboo
The Rug - Bill Botting
Why Should You Tell the Truth - The Hobbes Fanclub
One Kiss - Ravioli Me Away
The Amateur Taxidermist's Bird - The Thyme Machine
Grin and Bear It - The Wellgreen
Bear vs Girl - Shelley Jane
Darren - Allo Darlin'
Decent - Dorotea
Verano - Linda Guilala
BRAINS - Mega Emotion
You Make Me Blush - The Blue Minkies
I'm Going to Buy Food - Los Cripis
Tugboat - Joanna Gruesome
Living Too Close to the Ground - Dean Wareham
The Ballad of Paul Tierney - Lonely Tourist
Meat in Your Teeth - No Ditching
Molten Gold - The Chills
Hey Sailor Buoy! - Cosines
You're In Love With the Sun - The Very Most
Rain Ruins Revolution - Let's Wrestle
Goodbye - The Royal Landscaping Society
Summers Wasted - The Yawns
Still Waiting for the Winter - The Popguns
Occasionally Dangerous - Skeletal Shakes
If I Can't Have You - The Yearning
Doom - The Hidden Cameras
(Never Stop) Hating You - The Manhattan Love Suicides
complicate - trust fund
Black Tambourine - Withered Hand
Cauterised - Elopes
You Make It Sound So Easy - The Spook School
Tony Wright - Spearmint
Straw and Hay - Nat Johnson
Dream of Sin - Laura J Martin
Sweet and Tender, Julian - Onsind
Do the Angels Care? - The Flatmates
Bobby Darin - The Wendy Darlings
Embers (free) - Night Flowers
Samson - Wolf Girl
Dream No.9 - Big Joanie
How Late It Was, How Late - Totem Terrors
Biblically Speaking - The Just Joans
That Look In Your Eyes - The Hidden Horses
It Over They - Okinawa Picture Show
I Want To Find Out How It Ends - MJ Hibbett and the Validators
Slum of Legs - Slum of Legs
Corey's Coathangers - Thee AHs
Heather - The Swapsies
Vagabond - TeenCanteen
Correspondance - Watoo Watoo
Every Year Until We Die - Lisa Bouvier

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