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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Isolation And Rejection Vol 4

Compilations: Isolation And Rejection Vol 4

Number 4 of a compilation album featuring tracks recorded for other projects that never happened.

You can get it online here:

Inara - Andrulian
Orphans - Pulselovers
Butterfly Control Tower - Stellarays
Cytokine Storm - Broadcast Death
Sinker Flies The Plane - Daphnellc
Slava Xenoxxx - Bone Music
Effects of Isolation - Earthborn Visions
Static 14c - Giant Head
Data Data - Function Automat
Chordata - Revbjelde
Ignorance Is Bliss - ColdSore
Sonic Hors Funk Job - Howlround
Rocking Out (but quietly) - MJ Hibbett
The Visit - Graham Reznick
Cocktail Hour - Runningonair
Horse Creek - Tambay
Real Sloppy - Repeated Viewing
Ephemeris - Lammergeiers
Week IV - Gormless
Tunnels - Toby Wiltshire
It Learns From It’s Mistakes - Rupert Lally
Wallpaper Microscene - Daniel Crompton
Perfect Latency - Kepier Widow
Tweet - Xqui

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