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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Live At The Durham Ox

Releases With Other Bands: Live At The Durham Ox

We had so much fun doing the Voon Reunion gigs that we decided to carry on for a while, although this time we agreed only to play in Leicester (we decided this just after playing in London and it taking ages to get home!) and to split up after The Abbey Park Festival. This was a really good idea, and meant we actually enjoyed ourselves for most of the time. A lot of our gigs were at The Durham Ox, where we pretty much had a residency, and we thought we might as well try and record it. Later we found out that somebody that Neil was talking to on the email worked for the NME so we panicked, made this into a "proper" release, and posted her a copy. Oddly it failed to persuade her to put us on the cover.

Years later I met her and it turned out she'd been best friends as a child with a girl who lived next door to me. Spooky eh?

You can shout all you like
Rocco PI
Elmer the happy little bottle opener
Old Freight Train
Clare Grogan
Rectal Seeds
Face In A Meat Slicer
Bands from London (are shit)
Rock and Roll
Found On The Moon
Respect The Ganja
Day Care Centre

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