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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Sixty Minutes (our hour)

Compilations: Sixty Minutes (our hour)

High concept compilation from the lovely Where It's At Is Where You Are label - sixty bands, each doing a song precisely one minute long. My track is a song I've liked for AGES but had never got around to recording until then, and I spent AGES making sure it was exactly sixty seconds long - you can imagine my disappoint when i found how lackadaisacal various other bands had been about it. One lot went over the limit by 24 seconds - shocking!

Introduction - The Chemistry Experiment
Daisycutter - Ml
Sixty Seconds Of Me In Mood Swings Is More Than Enough For Anyone - Thorsten Sideb0ard
Pan Arabian Knights - Role Model
Nightstand Money - Komatrohn
Sugar - Piney Gir
The Last Days - Action Biker
Stars - Exmaark
Believe - Dalia
Once Around The Bay - Airport Girl
Root Beer Dream - Millie Brown
The Fucking Same - Turquoise
Steady - Woodie Taylor
There's Too Much Soul On Yr Mix Tape - Nixon
If You Dump Me - The Bobby Mcgees
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire - Doug Shepherd
Fresh Widow - Dreams Of Tall Buildings
C# - Ward
It Only Takes A Minute To Say You're Sorry - Destroying Something Beautiful
19xx - Meme
Ihop Hipho - Mc Lars
Pymble - Bear
One Minute - Psapp
The Morning After - The Low Stakes
Funny Looking Clever - Frankie Machine
The Rummy Affair Of Old Midwesterners - The Swedish Chef
En To To - Sno
Incognito - Meme Vs Xan
Rain Go Away - Free Loan Investments
Function - Meme & Tome
Like Machines - Krafla
Face The Music - Ocular Sinister
60 Secs Appeal - The Guitarre Brothers
Can't See The Trees For The Wood - The Winter Sleep
Engine Room - Since We Were 5
Alarm - The Pragmatics
The Day I Go - Breadfoot
Learned Helplessness - Class
Punk Rock Ist Tot - Buckingham Palace
Dog Song - The Mor Paranoids
Stereotype - Sportique
Talking To John About Punk Rock - Sunnyvale Noise Sub Element
Re:Designer - Motormark
Put The Cd In - The Guy Who Invented Fire
Learning To Swim - Reincarnationfish
The Same Page Of The Map - MJ Hibbett
Everything's Sex - The Seven Inches
Sailor Clay - Full Crumb
I Will Not - Monica S Kuebler
Tiny Gray Radio - The Capstan Shafts
A Minute - The Kurtz Experiment
Someone On Your Mind - The Cut Outs
Woolly Hat - Hello How Are You?
Pavement Song - Dom
The Bread Is Attracting Rats - Naked Casino
Mr Darcy - Maz Plant Out
It's Good, But It's No Petrocelli - The Divorcees
Red Now Ni Meno - Jentulman
Bigga - Michael Todd
Eeg Of A Person Counting Through A Minutes Silence - Geography Of Nowhere

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