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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Songs About Albums: Volume 2

Compilations: Songs About Albums: Volume 2

A(nother) collection of songs about albums, curated by Joel Dear of The Album Wall. Each of the artists involved wrote a song about one of their all-time favourite LPs, and this free compilation is the result.

You can get it online here:

Skin to Skin - Laurence Made Me Cry
Painting - Albatross Archive
Imitate and Water Down - Scumbag Familiar
Virginia in Pieces - Tremolo Ghosts
Clock - Tape Runs Out
King of Boots (Kicking Punk Rock to the Masses) - Ruth PO!
Paul McCartney Can Do What He Likes MJ Hibbett
Septic Seahorses and Scurvy Mermaids - Ed Stockham

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