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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Ukulele Mekulele Wekulele

Compilations: Ukulele Mekulele Wekulele

Rather fantastic compilation tape (TAPE!) featuring a huge pile of bands doing songs on Ukelele. When i recorded my track i EXPERIMENTED with trying slightly different VOICES to make the backing vocals sound more crowd-like. You can thus VERY CLEARLY here me doing a slightly strange Birmingham Accent in the background towards the end, which is just a little bit alarming.

Duke - Mother's Auxillary
Farewell - Biggles Flys Again
Everybody Let's Get Together - MJ Hibbett
As Summer Draws In - Sunny Intervals
12th Street - Factors Of Four
Woaaaaaah - People's Pop Ensemble
Kids - Lila Burns
Casually - Cakelyn
A Lo-Fi Love Song - Andrewlips
On Oxen - I Am Oak
Aloha Shirt - Jacob Borshard
White Button Down Shirt - Slashed Tires
Power Lines - Brainpaint
U Can Stay Here When It Rains - Mill Kids
Orange - Yoyoyo Acapulco
What Did You Do Today - The Busy Bodies
All Little Things - Hermit Thrushes
Cold Houses - Eyes For Volume (Ft Spirit And Dust)
There's A Ghost - Blanket Truth
Rekindle - For The Agenda
Another Night - Rachel Wolther
Home - I Hate You Just Kidding
No Strange Impulses - Steven Look
Ballad Of The Traveling Circus - Ruben Diaz
Nightlight - Ricky Ooh La La Cha Cha Cha
Bad Haircut - Shoeshine Pickens And The Hospital Bombers
Far Away - The Steve Gutenband

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