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Songs: Full Power To The Forward Thrusters

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Phaser banks are reconfigured
Tachyon particles are aligned
Warp Nacelles are fully functional
Gravometrics are on-line
Tractor beams are stabilising
Flux capacitors are ionised
Chronaton particles are releasing
Photon torpedoes are primed

Full power to the forward thrusters
Full power to the forward thrusters

Come let us exchange greetings
In the name of interstellar peace
We will respect your customs
And then we may have to leave
This planet has strange traditions
These creatures are not like us
New worlds new emotions
What is this thing called love?

Full power to the forward thrusters
Full power to the forward thrusters

I'm from the future
A parallel universe
I'm from the future
But this ... this is Earth

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

As mentioned elsewhere, I've had a go at doing several songs for ADVERTS, where we get a vague BRIEF saying what an advert will look like AND/OR a rough video of it, with some ideas about what the song should be like.

These tend to have... well, TRENDS, where for a while they seem to want everything to sound like a specific ARTISTE. When I first started doing it EVERYONE wanted "Badly Drawn Boy", which was fine by me as, in my mind at least, that meant acoustic guitars, xylophone and the ukelele. Recently, however, this has changed a bit and it's THE KILLERS that everybody's after. This makes things a bit more difficult for me as a) I don't really have much idea what they sound like b) what idea i DO have I don't really like and c) I can't really REPLICATE it at home either.

HOWEVER, so many of these came in that I thought I might as well have a GO. One brief in particular not only wanted a song that was SIMILAR to that "Sex Is On Fire" song, they wanted it exactly the same TEMPO to fit an already made advert. They wanted it within 24 hours, so I didn't have time to have a go at it for THAT advert, so instead took a couple of weeks putting THIS together for FUN. It IS exactly the same tempo, and features MUCHO MUCHO RIFFAGE. I couldn't quite bring myself to do an American Accent so ended up TREATING my vocals to make them sound FUTURISTIC - nearly all these briefs ask for words about Going Forward and NewNess, so I did THOSE to fit too.

I feel I ought to claim it was KNOWINGLY CYNICAL but actually i had LOADS of fun doing it, especially reading Star Trek websites to get the lyrics! I don't think it sounds ANYTHING like The Killers tho!

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