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Songs: I Got You What You Want For Christmas

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I went to do my shopping but i didn't take a list
I know that in your stocking you'll be wanting some of this
For Christmas
I got you want you want for Christmas

I used a bit of effort and an awful lot of love
To make sure that I got you something really really good
For Christmas
I got you want you want for Christmas

It's not something for sharing or for anyone else to use
It's something really lovely that's exactly right for you
For Christmas
I got you want you want for Christmas

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was one of my Songs Written To Order, where John The Publisher receives a BRIEF saying what an advert will look like AND/OR a rough video of it, with some ideas about what the song should be like.

We got quite a LOT of information about this one - a full-length version of the final advert and whole HEAPS of stuff about how the whole CAMPAIGN was going to be about getting the perfect gift for special people. I really liked that idea and TRANSMOGRIFIED it slightly into getting something that the person would actually LIKE - coming from a large family I'm aware of the Occasional Politics of Christmas Presents. Presents are bought for all sorts of reasons - to persuade people to like things YOU like, to make a point about what you think they should be doing, or just to show off - so I thought I'd have a think about just buying something they'd LIKE themselves.

I also thought that'd make a nice change from people BANGING ON about The Commercialisation Of Christmas. Christmas IS commercial, it IS a time of BUYING and GETTING stuff and surely only the most miserable of MISERABLE OLD SODS can REALLy object to that when it's done with LOVE.

Perhaps unsurprisingly they used something else (you can watch the final broadcast version on Youtube). HOWEVER this was not the END for this particular song!

For LO! I got an email from The lovely people at Helen Llewelyn Product 19 asking if, by any crazy chance, I had a spare Christmas song. "Why yes!" I replied, "Yes i DO!" and a few weeks later it was as the bonus download track on their Christmas Blues EP.

Feeling all EXCITED and CHRISTMASSY I decided to do a VIDEO to go with it, so I asked if anyone fancied helping me make it. BRILLIANTLY over seventy people DID. I ended up making TWO videos, one for LADIES and one for GENTLEMEN.

I was EXTREMELY pleased to have got this song out into the world - thanks LOADS to Helen Llewellyn and to everyone who sent me a clip, and a VERY Merry Christmas, one and all!

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