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Songs: Mr Right

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She looks upon you as a brother
You are the person she can trust
You'd like to think she'll be your lover
You look on her with unbridled lust

Every time she loses a boyfriend
You hope her eyes will alight on you
But every time she loses a boyfriend
Some other bugger jumps the queue

What can you do to make her listen
When every time she turns away
It never seems to be the right conditions
For you to say what you mean to say

She always said that all that she wanted
Was Mr Right to always care
Maybe one day she will realise
Her Mr Right was always there.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Yet another one that was really old before we recorded it - the words to this were originally on the Alternate Lyrics version of THE PERFECT LOVE SONG on my first cassette, and I liked them so much that, a year or so later, I reused them when I couldn't think of any other words to go with this tune. This got recorded in a fairly BOMBASTIC pound shop Oasis style on my second cassette, "The Thoughts Of Chairman Hibbett" (much of which was like that), with a drastically over the top CODA going "all around the world" for ages and ages. When we first got The Validators together this was one of the very first songs we learnt to play, as it's dead easy to do, and we've continued to play it occasionally because, well, it's still dead easy.

We recorded FAR too many songs for "Say It With Words", and so we whittled it down by having a "Focus Group", where tapes of everything so far were given out to everybody who'd been on the record, plus a few other people, along with questionnaires, asking which songs should be put on the album, which definitely SHOULDN'T, and which ones were neither here nor there. I stuck to the results of this pretty well, even though it threw out a few surprises, like this song coming rather low down - it was a surprise to me, anyway, as I really liked it.

Actually, now I think about it (and it's New Year's Day as I type, by the way, so things are all a bit hazy) I do vaguely recall sitting in the Three Nuns in Loughborough, where we had our band meeting to finalise the running order, and looking at the results sheet, with this song somewhere around number 14 on the list of songs, and deciding that as it was so short we'd have something else on instead. THUS this wafted around the ETHER for a bit, eventually being offered to Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey for his Havock Junction compilation. He declined the offer - again, to my surprise, I really liked it! - and so the track ended up going onto the AAS online compilation "Now That's What I Call Valid".

Like ANOTHER TRUE STORY the words are actually about Tim, although this time they were about something I imagined to be true, but wasn't. He had a friend who I thought he was madly in love with, and I convinced myself that he was always trying to tell her this and never quite managing to. This was bizarre to say the least, as Tim was going out with at least one person, possibly two in succession, whilst I was thinking this, and also I myself had developed a HUMUNGOUS CRUSH on her, and was forever lobbing twee glances across dancefloors at her... the BRANE, it is a funny old thing.

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