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Blog: Oh The Giddy Whirl

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This week i am the THE DANDY ABOUT TOWN, as it is ALL GO - after ART at the weekend and TRAVEL on Tuesday you might think me ready for a NAP on Wednesday, but NO INDEED as I met The Pasta With My Bolognase and some of her PALS to go out first for a LIGHT MEAL (it was actually quite HEARTY, but as i understand it ONE refers to such things a slight meals when ONE is out on the London Social Whirligig) and then to a GIG, to see Charlie Parr at Spitz. We had a VERY pleasant evening, meeting Young Myles, TV's Claire Dicko and Mr Stu Baboon (who's gig it was) there, and seeing Charlie Parr, who is a BLUES MAN. During the evening it STRUCK me that Americana is, to me, like GOTH used to be when i was a younger man, INSOMUCH as it's not necessarily my FAVOURITE sort of music (tho it's fair enough and there are some GOOD THINGS within it), but OH MY the NICEST people seem to like it. I wonder if there is a LINK between Americana Buffs and Ex-Goths? Can someone do a SURVEY please?

LAST night yet another person left my work, so it was WORK DRINKS - it is happening so often now that people are Seriously Considering instituting a Secret Santa system for leaving gifts, in order to make sure people get something DECENT in the face of diminishing collection contributors - then TONIGHT I am off to the Buffalo Bar to see Mr Pete Green. TOMORROW we're on a Household Day Out to look round Maida Vale, on SUNDAY I'm going to be playing at the Firebug in Leicester and then on MONDAY... well, on Monday I'm planning to finally have that nap!

posted 25/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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