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Saturday morning found me realising that, sometimes, the John Smiths is that cheap for a REASON. Luckily my WORK for the morning was to BABYSIT for The Pattisons, and I had a LOVELY time drawing pictures (I was particularly proud of A Dinosaur saying hello to A Robot and A Gorilla), watching The Land Before Time and playing with Lego. COOL. While this was going on Tim was off in The Studio, beginning his REIGN as Official Producer by DRIVING Tom through his Violin Overdubs. Me and Emma fetched up their, with The Girls in tow, shortly after lunchtime, to find MUCH WORK had been going on. The original plan was for me to DRIVE Emma, but what with one thing and another I was only there for an hour or so before it was time for me to head for the train station. During that time Mr Machine popped in to drop off the second lot of CD Boxes for me to turn into A Million Ukeleles, and The Plans And Apologies boys dropped by to fetch Mr Robbie Newman for a GIG.

Next day I got an email from Tim with SONGS attached - under his Production Eye Emma and Tom had recorded parts for We Can Start Having Fun, My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once and Do The Indie Kid, and suddenly i found myself getting excited about the NEXT album all over again. It sounded GRATE - both Tom and Emma had come up with some VERY exciting new bits, and I was filled with JOY at the sound we can make together, and ALSO at the prospect of us now being able to SURGE FORWARD and get it done. All hail Producer Pattison!

posted 15/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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