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Blog: STATS! Where Is Everybody?

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A whole BATCH of STATS today, as we turn our enquiring gaze upon the location of all those people lucky enough to be on newsletter. Here's where everyone is in THE WORLD:

Global Location Of Mailing List Members

Not the most fascinating of diagrams, tho VERY informative. As you'd expecting from my Gigging History, most people are in the UK and especially England, with a surprisingly LARGE amount of Americans And Canadians, bearing in mind that I've only ever played in North America the once - perhaps GIGS are not the only decider?

Let us then DIG DOWN a little bit further, and see whereabouts the UK contingent lives:

Location Of All Mailing List Members In UK

Now THIS is a bit more interesting, tho it does still seem to support the direct relationship between Gigs and Mailing List Membership, which is a little odd as I pretty much NEVER take one of those clipboards with me to gigs - you know the ones I mean, where you write your name down to join the mailing list. Pretty much always EITHER i forgot to pick them up OR all the names are illegible anyway, so i tend not to bother. INDEED membership of the mailing list pretty much always comes about when people buy something from the shop, sign up for the newsletter, OR if they're some sort of Media Contact who I've STUCK there. It would perhaps be clearer if we REMOVED this last group of people, leaving us only with people who ASKED to be on the list:

Location Of Fans On Mailing List In UK

Before we go any further - MANY apologies for the use of the phrase "fans" in that graph. I really don't like that word - I don't think of people on the mailing list as "fans", it's really big headed and also demeaning, i think. UGH. People who come to my gig are, obviously DELIGHTFUL CONNOISSEURS of fine taste and excellent manners... but that didn't fit in the label, and "punters" just sounded rude.

Anyway, with that in mind, this is a MUCH clearer picture of who's on the list, with London suddenly dropping DRAMATICALLY - INDEED, falling to third place behind The Midlands and North East England (which in this context starts in SHEFFIELD, so it's a big old place), with those three areas being MUCH more represented than the others, which are all of similar size, apart from Wales and Northern Ireland, where there's hardly anybody. I've never played in Wales (tho i would REALLY like to), but I HAVE played in Northern Ireland - come on, Northern Ireland, buck up! America's had as many visits as you and there's LOADS of people on the list from there!

In short then it looks like Gig Visits DO have some influence on how many mailing list members there are. Next STAT will show us exactly which cities i HAVE been to most: EXCITING!

posted 22/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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Howay man Mark, from North East England. King Kev, bottle of Broon, Blaydon Races. I'm ganning doon the booza!
posted 22/1/2008 by Pete Green

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