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Me and The Black And White Photograph On My Smiths Album Cover headed off to fragrant CAMDEN last night, to see Morrissey at The Roundhouse. It was LOVELY. In many ways it was like going to a RE-ENACTMENT as many people had clearly been delving into the back of their cupboards to bring their Gig Clothes out of retirement, and the pin badges were many, varied, and historic. It was also nice to be at a gig and feel YOUNG.

The roundhouse turned out to be pretty OK - it felt like the BAR was a little small, but there turned out to be several more inside, and though the beer was hardly CHEAP it wasn't as offensively so as at crap-holes like Koko. The venue was pretty good too - the PILLARS all round the edge, where we were stood, got in the way a bit but the sound was good and the stage was almost visible, so for a Big-Ish Venue it was GOOD - which was a relief, as we're off to see Mr Billy Bragg there soon.

MOZ came on EARLY and was, basically, DEAD GOOD. It reminded me of when we went to see REM a couple of years ago - yes, there were fairly long sections featuring New Material, Album Tracks and Obscure B-Sides, which was a bit boring, but when he hit his STRIDE it was AMAZING. Just over half way through he did "Last Of The Gang To Die" (which was BRILLIANT) and "How Soon Is Now" (see above), and it was UTTERLY FANTASTIC... but then he went back to a same-y sounding one that was EITHER new OR from one of the solo albums i don't have, and it took it down a bit. Not a LONG way - he was CHARISTMATIC throughout (although he did seem disappointed when he said "Has anybody been watching that programme Honest?" and everybody claimed not to, i bet he had a BIT worked out) and BEEFY, the band were LOUD (tho they did the Delicate Guitar Intricacies of the Smiths songs really well) and at the end he RIPPED off his shirt and threw it to the crowd, like John Otway on steroids. So yeah, on average it was Really Good, in parts it was AMAZING. It was MORRISSEY!

On the way home we shared my MyPod and had a TUBE DISCO listening to The Temptations - it was ACE!

posted 24/1/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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