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Blog: Whole Other Album!

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Here's a THORT I've just had - GET READY!

The other night The Olives In My Olive Bowl and I went for DRINKIES at Mr John Kell's CLUB. Oh yes, he has a CLUB and it is a RIGHT posh one too, it was MOST impressive. While we were there he asked whether I was going to release my February Album Writing Month ALBUM as an ACTUAL album. My initial thought was "NO!" but on maturer reflection I thought "No, really no" because... well, some of them aren't NECESSARILY the kind of thing I would normally EMIT. INDEED, that has been sort of the point, for me, in doing it - to let my BRANE have a go at doing things I wouldn't normally do, FREE of the FEAR of putting it on a record.

HOWEVER, at 11o'clock last night I had a GRATE idea for a way i could PACKAGE such an item (and it really IS a GRATE idea!), although it would be a bit LABOUR INTENSIVE to make. However, just NOW, i realise I could make, say FORTY of them and do them for a fiver a go for people on the mailing list. That'd be OK, I think - it would only be heard amongst FRIENDS, and it would be a nice sort of thing for people who wanted it.

So i THINK that's what I'll do - stand by for FACT on HOW to get hold of it, should you want it, in the newsletter, and if you've not signed up so far, please do so!

posted 22/2/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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