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Blog: The Insane Glamour Of ROCK

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Last night I went to a GIG, and pretty much as USUAL it was The Fighting Cocks! It was just around the corner from my work at The Metro, which was EXTREMELY handy as it meant I could pop round the corner for a PINT with Charlie while he waited for his soundcheck. We then went to the venue and found a LAD from the last band, who offered to ring him when it was his turn, so we went and had another - this, i feel, is EXCELLENT Gig Management!

The HANDINESS meant I could also pop back to work while the soundcheck went on and enjoy the traditional sport of Very Slightly Tipsy Amazon shopping. HOORAH! There's a Mambo Taxi album on it's way to me NOW, thanks, The Beer!

Back at the venue we were chatting away when we spotted Jody From THE RADIO come in. She's worked at the NME and all sorts of things, but MOST IMPORTANTLY she grew up in Deeping St James, as indeed did Georgina, the PAL she'd come with, so we had a BRILLIANT time going "Deeping St Nicholas! The Bell!" and so forth. It was GRATE, especially when it turned out Georgina's Grandad had BEEN James The Baker.

If you grew up in Deeping St James in the 1970s, you would now be saying "WOW! James The Baker!" One of my earliest EVER memories is going there to buy Hot Cross Buns with my Dad - why, that must have been... er... quite a while ago.

Anyway, we broke up the reminiscing to watch The Fighting Cocks, who if anything are getting EVEN MORE BRILLIANT. Most impressive this time was the FRIGHTENINGLY Choreographed Pom Pom routines, but the whole thing was an RIOT of leaping around dancing FUN. I know I always always say this, but it is because it is true: The Fighting Cocks are BLOODY GRATE!

So it was with a MASSIVE GRIN all over my chops that i wandered the few feet out of the door and into the tube station for home, thinking happy thoughts of the smell of baking from James The Baker... Mmmm! Lovely!

posted 29/2/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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