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Blog: Get Me A Gant Chart: STAT!

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If ever it was ALL GO, then now is that time. For LO! It is ALL GO, and there has been ACTION on all four of the current ONGOING PROJECTS, as follows:

Project 1: All Around My House (aka The February Album)

This is now pretty much COMPLETE. I've spent the last few days folding the sleeves (and OH MY but they don't half look pretty) and this afternoon the actual CDs arrived, so I spent a couple of hours putting it all together, stuffing envelopes, and getting them in the post before emailing everyone to let them know they were on the way. I'm EXTREMELY pleased with the way this turned out, both the design of the lovely lovely sleeve and the songs themselves. If you get one I hope you like it!

Project 2: Do The Indie Kid

Envelopes are now fully STUFFED for the promo copies of the single, and along with the All Around My House CDs i also got a batch of CD versions, to go out to people who don't have (or might not have) a record player. TRES COMPETENT ET PROFESSIONAL, NON? I thus spent more time today putting the CDs, sleeves, wallets and back stickers together for these. This weekend I'm sorting out the covering letters and finishing the press release, and then they'll be off at the end of the week. I shall be VERY pleased when they're off!

Project 3: My Exciting Life In ROCK - THE SHOW!

Myself and Mr Hewitt had a PROPER MEETING in the pub last night and got a WHOLE LOT of stuff agreed and sorted out. This one's going to come to the FORE next week as we get on with booking accomodation and completing our Fringe Membership, and I'm also starting to get a clearer idea of what it's actually going to BE and how that will WORK. I'm going to start trying out BITS of it at Totally Acoustic over the next couple of months, so if you're coming to that, consider yrself WARNED!

Project 4: ALBUM FOUR

This is actually fairly quiet at the moment, although we are POISED to spring back into action soon. In a couple of weeks I'm off up to Derby to start on the second half of the vocals and guitar, and the PLAN is to finish the BULK of work on this by the start of MAY, so we can then concentrate on working up THE SHOW.

It's all rather EXCITING, and I THINK we've got it all organised so each thing will happen on time and EFFICIENTLY but also WITHOUT impinging on anything else. It's going to be a GOOD SUMMER!

posted 7/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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