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Blog: Like Grown-Ups Do

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I have RARELY been quite as ADULT as I was this weekend, when myself and The Spice In My Curry headed up to Derby to visit Mr and Mrs Machine. We were going out with another couple, for a meal, on a Saturday night. PASS THE RED WINE!

Terry & June ACTION was avoided by the fact that we were off to see Frankie do a GIG, in one of my favourite pubs ANYWHERE, The Brunswick. We arrived a bit early so were able to enjoy a couple of DELICIOUS pints before our hosts arrived and we went off for a CURRY. The more I explain, the less MATURE it sounds doesn't it? Anyway, we had an ACE time and were in good spirits when we returned to the pub to meet some excellent other people, and descended into CHAT. A glance upstairs earlier had filled me with worry, as it appeared to be VERY MUCH a bit of a Family Do, featuring children dashing around and an IMMENSE buffet, and another look later on found an impromtu band doing Old Fashioned Rock N Roll covers. I was thus a bit TREPIDATIOUS about Frankie going up there to play, and we all sat around chatting WAY past the time we were meant to go upstairs, until The Tracks Of My Railway pointed out that we'd come a long way SPECIFICALLY to see him play, so upstairs we went.

It was a GOOD JOB as, unsurprisingly, he was GRATE. I've not seen him play his own stuff for - astonishingly - a year or two now, and it was LOVELY. Obviously the time spent DECORATING (NB not a metaphor, they moved house last year) has been spent percolating NEW SONGS, as there were MANY of them, and they were GRATE. There was also a couple of older ones, including a cover of Billy Jones Is Dead. "Just so I'm not the only one feeling uncomfortable..." he said introducing it, as if people looking at ME and saying "OOh, YOU'RE song" would make me uncomfortable! The Attention: I am HAPPY with it!

Which is why it wasn't THAT difficult, when Francis had finished, for me to be persuaded to get up and do a couple of songs, as follows:
  • The Peterborough All-Saints' Wide Game Team (Group B)
  • Easily Impressed

  • According to The Notes In My Scale they were BOTH rather MARKEDLY SLOWER than usual. Can't think why THAT would be... and I was joined on Easily Impressed by Frankie on bass, which was GOOD.

    The covers chaps came back on after that, and were swiftly followed by the bar staff as it was LONG past last orders, so we had the rather strange experience of being the last people to leave except for the band who were happily playing away as we all went downstairs. There was a TAXI back to Machine Mansions, WHISKY, and BED.

    Next day we had a three hour journey home, as the train had to detour through (according to the tannoy) "the beautiful countryisde near Melton, scenic Rutland Water... and Corby." We had cups of coffee, newspapers, and a LOVELY time!

    posted 10/3/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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